Let’s Talk About: PinkCherry.com

9cad7f44452abe3cfd3963bcc88eNot everyone has the pleasure of living in a great city where you can have a trusted Babeland or other fabulous shop for buying sex toys, Fangirls. For now, I’m one of those people. It’s hard to find sites that you can trust or that even seem real to scope out and purchase sex toys. It’s a daunting world. Luckily, a few years ago, I discovered PinkCherry. 

Yes, you can buy from Babeland online, but once I found PinkCherry, it was hard to resist their prices. Though, I do still buy from Babeland whenever I can, PinkCherry is my go to for all sexy time needs. I’ve purchased from them countless times, and have always been a satisfied customer. Hah, see what I did there? PinkCherryOnePinkCherry is a site with an enormous selection of every sex toy & tool you would ever need. They carry every size, shape, and variety of dildo, vibrator, and anal plug you could imagine. Plus a huge selection of BDSM tools, toys, and garb. They carry batteries to ensure that you’re locked and loaded for hours of play. They sell dozens of kits that set you up for whatever activity you’re looking to do, and lingerie so that you can feel sexy while doing it. They even have a section for kegel tools and Ben-Wa balls, to keep your coochie strong and healthy. Everything you might need in the bedroom, or to prep for the bed room, PinkCherry has most likely got it there in stock for you.PinkCherryTwoTheir site is very organized and easy to navigate. Simply select a category of things you’re looking for, then often a subcategory, and you’ll be lead to pages of results, most likely finding exactly what you’re looking for. You can search by brand, or by the type of products you’re looking for. My favorite section of the site to browse through is the sale category. PinkCherry has sales constantly. You’ll see them advertised all over the site at all times, and on the off chance you don’t, have no fear. Once you buy something from the site, or just sign up for their email list, you’ll get so, so many coupons and codes sent to you. Often, they don’t even have a reason or just seem to make one up. They love to send you a deal. I’ve never had to buy something there without a 20% off coupon code ready to go. But with their sale section, you don’t even need it. They’ll regularly have items on their that are up to 97% off. I’ve bought plenty of quality items on PinkCherry for dirt, dirt cheap. I almost felt bad they were so cheap. Currently, they’re having a 4th of July sale and everything is 25% off!

Once you’ve picked out the perfect dildo or wax play candles, PinkCherry makes buying it a sinch. They’ve got customer reviews on nearly every item, so you can see how they worked for real people. Then, once you’ve found the one for you and know it’s the real deal, they offer discreet shipping and charging just in case you want to keep things on the down low.

The bottom line is I love PinkCherry. They make shopping for and owning sex toys so damn easy. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a great local sex toy shop, stop on over at PinkCherry.com. It’s a wonderland over there.


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