Harley Quinn 17

Harley Quinn is back with a vengeance, Fangirls!  Harley took a short break recently, but is now back on the shelves, and it seems like she’s having a slammin’ good time already.  In case you forgot, the last couple of issues were about Harley getting together a gang of Harleys.  Their goal is to fight crime the only way they know how, and to get paid for doing so.


In this issue, the gang gets their first call, and they do a great job.  A  group of dudes is stealing trash cans, so Harley pops out of one to give them quite a surprise.  Her girls help her stop the van and knock out the boys.  As payment, the owner gives them a rooster, and the ladies loot the miscreants before calling them in.


The next day, Harley goes to the Mayor’s office to let him know what’s going down.  She expect him to accept their vigilantism, but instead he rejects them, and tells Harley that if he sees any of her crew doing illegal things (like gang violence), he’ll arrest them just like anyone else.  She seems a bit discouraged, but not enough to stop with her group.

That night, she goes out to dinner with Mason.  It was going well, until the police burst in to arrest him (he did escape from prison).  Harley doesn’t do anything about it because she doesn’t want repercussions to hit her gal-group.


The day after that, Harley goes to check on her girls and finds out that while some are training, others are grocery shopping, and others still are on a new mission.  A woman is looking for her husband, and hoping the gals can find him.  They do, and find out that something is making him very strong and very angry. Earlier in the issue it was revealed that he snacked on some shiny seaweed, and got buff at Popeye speed.

HQ-PGObviously, I’m glad Harley’s back.  Time without her is definitely less fun.  Luckily, we can get a double dose of HQ right now, as her book Harley Quinn / Power Girl is on sale now (issue 1 is out, 2 comes out on the 22nd).  It’s supposed to be a 6 issue short run, but maybe we can get them to do more.  Conner and Palmiotti are running it, along with Starfire, a series that started last month (issue 2 comes out this wednesday!).  Check out the amazing content they’re putting out, and let us know what you think!
















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