I Finally Watched: Young Justice

Young JusticeOr should I say started? In any case I am enjoying it so far.

I was concerned that it would be marketed too far out of my demographic but, the show has got a lot for new and old fans of the Justice League alike. It follows Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Megan (Martian Manhunter’s niece), and newly (to me) Artemis who has a cover story of being Green Arrow’s niece but, the show has suggested this might be a lie.

I like that this show gives you that feel that this team came together but not without its troubles and they constantly struggle with trying to be on their own but needing help from the Justice League on occasion. Also as a little side note, I like how it has dates consistently shown on screen. Its been about 3 months since the start of the show where I am. In the original Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, it was tough to know the time frame in episodes and then it was suddenly 2 years later by the end of a season.

maxresdefaultThe only complaint I really have is that I wish it had more continuity with the older Justice League shows but, I can’t expect them to do that so many years later. It does sync up a little but, there are some noticeable disconnects especially since I just finished a recent run through JL and JLU. For instance, Wally West is not The Flash who is part of the original 7 from JL but is instead Kid Flash and Barry Allen is The Flash, suggesting a different time frame.

So far though, the episodes are engaging and I am interested in the greater plot that they have building in Season 1. I do also like the little peeks into each team member’s stories like Kid Flash hanging out with his Uncle Barry and Jay Garrick.











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