Nerds Gotta Drink: Wonder Woman Lemonade

Fangirls, we all want to feel like Wonder Woman, right?  Powerful, confident, and dangerous (not to mention beautiful) are all appealing attributes that she embodies daily.  But often, those of us who are not from Themyscara deal with things like anxiety and stress.  Wonder Woman isn’t immune to those things, but she sure seems to do a great job not showing her stress or anxiety, if ever she gets it.  Like Wonder Woman, I want to be stressed and anxious less.  My mother is well aware of this, and has found me a tasty recipe for lemonade that’ll make me feel like I can conquer any task, much like Wonder Woman.


Now, I did not make this batch, my mum did.  But the next one is up to me to make.  To make Wonder Woman Lemonade, you’ll need:

1 cup Raw Honey
12 cups Water
1 drop Lavender Essential Oil
6 Lemons, peeled and juiced

Mix those ingredients in a big pitcher, and you’re ready to go!  The hone replaces regular sugar, and since it’s raw honey (which is really what you should get; the less processed, the better it is for you), it’s good for you and full of natural sweetness.  Though lavender essential oil may be a bit difficult to find, check your area for a Pure & Simple store, or any health food store.  That’s also going to be a great place to get your honey.

My mum made the recipe not in just a big pitcher, but in a diffusing pitcher.  So after she cut and juiced the lemons, she popped a couple of them into the middle, so we could get as much flavor from them as possible.


One thing we did notice while drinking this lemonade, is that the lavender can be a bit overwhelming and off-putting.  I found that drinking it through a cup that has a lid and straw really makes the scent less noticeable, and the lemonade more enjoyable.

I highly recommend this drink for everybody out there; summer can be just as stressful as any other season; there are conventions and events to go to, friends to visit with, and summer jobs to work; it’s a lot for a Fangirl to handle.  So while yourself up a batch of Wonder Woman lemonade, and you’ll reduce stress enough to take on the world.











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