On: 2016 Election Candidates

2016-generic-vote-buttonsSo, Fangirls, being part of a generation that will most likely be very affected by the actions of our next president, I’m paying attention. The ball is really starting to get rolling with the 2016 election and by that I mean the candidates are rolling. Rolling in outrageous numbers, coming out of the wood work, announcing campaigns right & left. Everyone slow down

Maybe it is a good thing. As voters, we have a lot of options. But not really, unless you’re registered in a party and can vote in primaries. Out of this giant bunch of people, only a few will be selected, and let’s be honest, only two are really going to matter. Third party candidates, unfortunately, never really seem to stand a chance. But how can we take the time to get to know these candidates when everyday a new one decides to run. Each morning I seem to wake up to a CNN notification about someone who has announced their candidacy, or is thinking about it, or who is rumored to be thinking about it. So far, 30 people have officially announced that they are running for president, with plenty more on the way. Surely, there’s always a lot of people that run for president. But some of these candidates seemed to come out of nowhere. flat,800x800,070,f.u1A neurosurgeon? A former CEO? Donald fucking Trump? To me, running for president means you feel you can make the country the best it can be. Listen to the people, create change where it’s needed, and do what is truly in the best interest of the country and it’s people. It’s not about being opinionated and rich, which a few of this oddball candidates think. Cough cough Donald cough Trump cough cough. I’ll give anyone a shot. It doesn’t matter what party, I think all the politics of red vs blue is absurd. But if you want to go in to “fix” all the “mistakes” you think the president before you made, and change the country into what you think it should be, then go away. This really isn’t about you.  Maybe it is for the best that we have some people in the race who aren’t weathered by all the gobble gook of politics. But being the president isn’t about making a brand for yourself, it isn’t a marketing tool, it isn’t about your legacy, or even your opinion. You’ve got the lives of 300 million people in your hands and you should fucking take that seriously. truOkay, I think I got it out of my system. Maybe I should be careful asking about politics on the internet, but what do you think about all of these candidates, Fangirls?



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