Spiderwoman #7

Spider-Woman_Vol_5_7_TextlessSince Rocket Girl likes to be stubborn, Spiderwoman is taking a stand. Rocket Girl is not yet on a regular schedule from it’s recent return, so we’ll be chatting about that series on Mondays in a few weeks. Spiderwoman shall now deliver us her badassery on Fridays. That’s a good thing, because I didn’t want to wait any longer to talk about this issue. 

Shit is getting real. This is a great issue, that feels very long, but in the best way. It covers a lot of ground. Where we left off, Spiderwoman was disguising herself as the Porcupine in order to get closer to the source of all this kidnapping & wife stealing. She ends up on a subway and seems to land in a room, hanging chained from the ceiling, being barked at by a shadowy woman. The woman isn’t getting any response, and it doesn’t take long for the reader to know that Jessica is long gone from that suit. She’s hopped out of the building and into the trunk of an old car and is on her way. sw8-2Little did she know, the trunk route was taking her exactly where she wants to be. After approaching a house and being approached by it’s owner, some pieces start to come together. The woman who approaches Jessica is Porcupine’s wife, along with his daughter as well. She welcomes Jessica, thinking she is a woman named Erin, who is in the same situation. Soon, we start to realize that this is a whole community of women who are in the same situation, but they’re certainly not talking about it like their husbands do. There boyfriends and husbands are out in the street fighting to keep them safe, and they’re here in their own community, happily running every aspect of it. Either they’re brainwashed or something extra weird is going on.

Of course, it’s the latter. The group of women bring Jessica to see Cat, the woman who seems to run the show. We’re not sure who this is, but when they arrive at her house, the Roger (Porcupine) and Ben are tied up and hanging like a chandelier. Roger’s wife screams, and seems more upset than I expected her to be after the way she talked about her husband earlier in the issue. Before Spiderwoman can help anyone, she’s confronted from behind by who I’m assuming is Cat; A woman in a giant construction vehicle suit thing. From the hint about next issue, I’m assuming she is called Lady Earthmover. Which is kind of very intimidating. I would fear for Spiderwoman, but I know how kick ass she is. I’m more just wondering what the heck is going on here with the separation of families and these women flourishing in their own community. Spider-Woman-7-04I’m loving this comic, Fangirls. And if you haven’t fallen for it yet, I highly recommend it. Even though it may make you feel like you’re cheating, you can skip right ahead to issue 5 to begin, you don’t need the other stuff. Get right to the action!




All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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