Music: The Deslondes

534325_1414846662067208_1098466170_nKeeping up with the theme of Leon Bridges, I decided to give y’all another fantastic band making some seriously delicious vintage music. The music of the Deslondes mashes together the sounds of more than one classic genre, making there own bluegrassy, bluesy, some sometimes surfy, alternative country sound that I’ve fallen hard for. 

I know I was throwing around a lot of genres up there, but it’s the truth. So much is coming out of one tiny band. These guys are pumping out fun, tawngy, upbeat blues in a ll the right ways. When I listen to it I feel like I’m in some giant party of a western flick. It’s the kind of sound that could only come out of New Orleans, of course. deslondes-guitar-photo-sarrah-danzigerThey’ve got thick, bouncy bass lines that get carried through with popping, sometimes real swingy percussion. The type of drum & bass arrangements they go for really resemble those from 50s & 60s country and pop, it brings forward that real retro sound they do so well. Tasty guitar riffs, often swathed in reverb and tremolo, echo and groove in each song, fast or slow. Everything about them is rootsy. They’ve taken all of the best elements from the most classic sounds of music and added in a healthy dose of their own unique personality. Their songs get a little goofy sometimes, just adding in more fun to their music. In the song “Yum Yum”, the whole band hilariously sings off a list of all the tasty grub their sweetie is going to fix them up when they come home. TDdigitalOf course, the Deslondes have their fair share of slower jams and love songs, too. Though it kicks up a notch at the end, “Heavenly Home” turns things down a bit and adds in some seriously killer harmonies. “Still Someone” talks of introspection and love of both women and the south. When it comes down to it, you can’t on the Deslondes for a good country groove to cut up a rug to, a slower, swinging song to dance to your sweetie with, or a classic twangy heartbreak tune to hang your head down and cry to.

I’m having a ball listening to this band’s music. So, naturally, you should come join the party too, Fangirls.

T H E  D E S L O N D E S





All images, songs, and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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