Genie in a Bikini


It’s been about five years since I was introduced to Team Starkid and ever since I have supported the actors on their other ventures outside of their musical productions. Recently Joey Richter (Ron Wesley in the Very Potter Musicals) announced that he would be in in a Nickelodeon made for TV movie Genie in a Bikini and the other day I finally got around to watching it in full.

Genie in a Bikini follows two very different and unpopular friends who discover a genies lamp on the beach. When the lamp is rubbed Matt the genie (sporting a bikini) emerges and chaos ensues. The kids wish for unlimited wishes and soon find out that their genie isn’t the best at magic, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to use their newfound magic source to gain popularity.

This is Matt’s last chance before he gets sent away to genie boarding school so naturally everything that can go wrong does. In the end the Genie’s mistakes end up saving the day in spite of all his missteps. I thought while watching that it was possible that he was going to somehow become a great genie, but he stayed his goofy, mistake-making self. This was nice because in the end it shows that mistakes are okay and that if you are yourself you will find people who appreciate you for that. Things like that are important for kids to see.

It’s not cinematic gold, but it is an amusing 43 minutes and has some very touching moments. Joey Richter is great in kid’s things because of his comedic timing and his rubber faces. He’s always so fun to watch and I’m excited that he is able to show his talents to other audiences.

If you like silly movies I definitely suggest that you give it a view. I watched it after a long day at work and it was a great little distraction from the headache that is retail and that’s what movies are supposed to be. They are not always meant to be anything other than entertainment or a way to escape for a moment.














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