The A.V. Club

portland-press-herald_3278451A few years ago, admit the height of my YouTube obsession (though I’m not certain I’ve ever come down), I discovered an amazing channel along with my brother that we totally fell in love with. It’s combines the wonder of live music with the fun of covers and the thrill of incredible musicians. Though it seemed like it might have been short lived, the show is alive & kicking more than ever in it’s now sixth season. Plus, they’ve got an incredible website offering even more goodies to boot. 

The A.V. Club Undercover has a killer thing going on. Each year, they make a list of songs, all sorts of songs. From every genre, all kinds of artists. One hit wonders, musical legends, everything. They then have artists also from genres across the board to pick songs on the list to cover. Once a song is covered, it gets crossed off the list and the bands who still have to record a cover have less & less to choose from. So, of course, this has resulted in some of my favorite covers ever. There’s nothing more fun to me than seeing bands I love covering songs I also love a lot. It’s interesting to see what each band will do with a song, how they’ll change it, or what they’ll keep. The A.V. Club has also lead to me to discover a lot of bands that I otherwise wouldn’t have, which is a big, fat, bonus.

That definitely goes for their website too. But instead of just pointing you in the direction of great music you already love or have yet to adore, it also talks about film, television, comedy, books, games, pretty much everything you could ever imagine. It’s a dream land. You can find out what new albums, shows, and movies are coming out and what everyone thinks about them. Pretty much before I decide to watch or listen to something, I check what it’s been graded on A.V. Club. Or, if I don’t what to watch or listen to, I check A.V. Club. Pretty much, it’s the greatest thing ever for someone who is passionate about great music, movies, or whatever it is that floats your boat.AVClubThe A.V. Club’s website and YouTube channel are a wonderland for any music nerd. Or film nerd. Or anything nerd, pretty much. They offer you your hefty dose of tunes, views, information and interviews on everything you’re probably in love with or soon will be. So check it out. Seriously.





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