Catwoman Issue 41

Fangirls, I know that with our schedule, this should have been up on Monday; that’s Catwoman’s day.  But this past Monday I found out that my friend’s cancer is more aggressive and rare than previously thought, and needed some time to deal with that realization.  But now I understand more of what’s going on, the plan of action, and how things are going, so I’m back on the horse!


Cattleman issue 41 is an interesting one; there’s a good amount of set-up in it.  A lot of these issues have been that way; more talking than fighting, and I’m not super into it?  I still want Catwoman to just be stealing stuff and making out with Batman, but as of this issue, at least the latter can not happen anymore.

Batman is announced as dead, and the police have made their own Batmen (who watch the city from a Bat-Blimp), and everyone underneath it is very uncomfortable.  They don’t know how the robot-bats will react, as they are implemented in this issue alone.  Since I don’t pay too much attention to the rest of the DC Universe, I’m not really sure about this whole Batman is dead thing; he’s done this in other comics and movies to get people off of his back, and just goes into hiding and trains until he can come back out safely.

Selina does not take the news of Batman’s death well, but Sionis (Black Mask) is incredibly happy; now he not only has cops in his pocket, but he has Batmen in there too (as they’re controlled by the police).  That makes the situation even more troubling.


Other than the death of the Bat, not too much happens action-wise in this comic.  Selina (as Catwoman) switches some bills for marked bills at one of her enemies places, so they can not be used.  She gets discovered as Catwoman by one of her men, and the next issue really looks like it’s going to be crazy.

I’m still so on the fence about this new Catwoman.  I love that Selina is in business clothes all the time, and that she looks sharp as hell, but I miss her as the only Catwoman.  She is back in the suit now, so it’s good to see her there, but it’s still bizarre to me.  I’m not usually one for gangster flicks or books, and that’s probably why it’s weird to me.  Either way, the book is beautiful, and if you’re intrigued, you should pick it up.












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