Nerd’s Gotta Eat: The Dangers of Vacation Food

Fangirls, this entire summer I’ve been all over the place; Florida, California, Maryland, Vermont, and Connecticut have been a lot to handle.  It’s definitely been fun, but all of the travel has put some strain on my home life, and a lot of strain on my diet.


Now, I can’t say I’m the healthiest of people.  I eat junk food like it’s my job.  But when I’m at home, the only times I really eat junk food (other than ice cream), is when I’m at work.  There’s a Taco Bell right next to where I work, so it’s easy to eat garbage.  But on vacations, there are tons of places to eat and experience; especially in places I’ve never been before.

I used to live in Florida, so it’s not like when I was there I was surrounded by new food, but I was surrounded by Disney food.  Disney food is some of the tastiest stuff on the planet, and there is a lot of it.  While I was there with my Ohana, we had the Disney Dinning Plan, which made our food a lot cheaper.  Plus, a lot of the places we ate were buffets.  That made it super easy to binge on food that definitely wasn’t the best for us, and we did it almost daily.  That definitely put some strain on my seams.


Then, I went to California, which (I’ve heard) has some of the best food in the world.  I didn’t eat anything crazy unique there, but I did have more theme park food (both Universal and Disney), plus I got to eat Panda Express and In n Out, neither of which are the best for my tummy.  It was a lot.

Then I went to Maryland, where I ate alright; there was quite a bit of pizza, but I didn’t eat as often as I usually do, so I pretend that evens it out.  I also had some really great french toast, and I still can’t get over that.

grey stuff

Then in Vermont, I kept it pretty healthy; a lot of homemade stuff, along with fresh veggies and fruit from the farmers market.  But in Connecticut, there was a food truck festival right next to ConnectiCon, so that made a mess of my tummy.

Overall, I’ve eaten a lot this summer, and it’s showing.  I’m not all that self conscious about my weight, but I worry that I’ve become too unhealthy with my habits, and I need to change them.  So I’m working on eating better; healthier proteins, more fruits and vegetables, and less ice cream.  If you Fangirls have any suggestions on healthy recipes, I’m definitely looking to try some new stuff out this summer.  I really want to get healthier; not just for my weight, but so I can live a longer, more fulfilling life.  So please send your favorite recipes to me!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.  Also, all the food pictured is from Walt Disney World because I took the most pictures there.

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