Music: Gallant // Weight in Gold

TS70mEwZI  had an entirely different plan for this article, Fangirls. Then a few hours before I wrote this, I heard this artist for the first time. Everything else was on hold, I had to talk about this, because after only minutes of listening and I was obsessed. I had never heard of Gallant before, or his song, when it was mentioned briefly in a video I was watching, I immediately hunted it down. Something told me it was going to be good. To my delight, I discovered a song, and an artist, that is killing it

I’m a sucker for that smooth falsetto groovin’. Gallant’s voice is getting me weak in the knees, friends. Everything about his music is getting me weak in the knees. He has no official full length album yet, but has a killer 9 track EP, Zebra, from last year, as well as a  handful of recent singles that must be leading up to one banging album. Gallant has plenty of incredible songs to talk about. Songs that are lush and haunting but that still want to make you dance or lay a hot smooch on a cutie. Yep, he’s definitely going on my ever changing Smooch Tunes playlist. But honestly, the only song of his I can seem to talk about is his newest single “Weight in Gold”.

It’s a sledgehammer of a ballad, inconspicuously. The way it begins, with a calm beat and a distant grooving guitar sample. Keyboards arrive, adding further to the whole pulsing sound of the track. Gallants voice is softer, controlled, still showing off those vocal chops though. Then, only about 40 seconds in, the powerhouse chorus comes in. Surging chords, exploding vocals, it’s an electrifying sound. An addicting sound. Each time the chorus comes around, I just yelp like an idiot because I love it so much.

Gallant is creating his own delicious flavor of indie R&B and I’m more than into it. I’m expecting big giant wonderful things from this artists, and can’t wait for this line of singles to lead us to an album sometime soon. Fingers crossed. In the mean time, go make sweet love to this track.




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