Growing a Beard: Scratchy, Patchy, Worth it.

 Hello everyone! Today I’d like to just talk about the potential annoyances and trials you might face when growing a magnificent beard. Yes, the site is Fangirls Are We but, I am a guy and I know we get viewers who are men!

So I want to encourage all of you who are thinking of growing your own facial hair because, it isn’t always an easy time especially if you’ve never grown one. I am currently growing mine out from shaving it at ConnectiCon for my Dexter Cosplay.

First off, it’s gonna itch. I can almost guarantee that after a certain point you will be going insane with the desire to shave it just to stop the itch but just tough it out!

Second, it won’t look great the whole time. I think I look great with scruff

But right now it’s just awful as it gets thick in other places and stays thinner until later.

Also, keep your face clean because that helps a lot. Exfoliate if you want to get really serious about it. Do not trim for like 4 weeks while it grows. I know the urge is so real but trust me, your future beard will thank you.

Exercise helps too, getting more blood flow to your face encourages growth so if you work out, your beard will come that much faster.

Also, if it still doesn’t come in right, consider you might be too young or your face just can’t grow hair well. The bearded life isn’t for everyone but, I give everyone credit for trying.

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