Heroes Rewatch: Genesis

Fangirls, back at the superbowl, I was not watching. I was as uninterested in the commercials as I was in the game. Until Facebook notified me that a new trailer was released for a new show coming to NBC called Heroes Reborn (that trailer is here). And suddenly my disinterest dissolved and I watched the trailer about five times in that one night. I was so excited. I had been a huge fan of the original series; even after many fans began to lose interest, I was still there every week to know what happened. And with this new series, I decided I needed to rewatch the original series. So here we go with the first episode.

Note: none of these Heroes posts will be spoiler free.



The whole concept of Heroes was like a live action comic book story. Each season or half season was called “volume”, and each episode a “chapter”. Every episode begins and ends with narration by Mohinder, one of the only non-super characters in the show. It involved many characters around the globe  who, on the eve of the eclipse, explore and discover the fact that they have abilities, abnormal ones such as flight, regeneration, and time travel. Some of the characters we meet, such as Claire and Hiro, reveal their powers immediately to the audience. Others, such as Niki, their powers are unknown for quite a while, shown yet not truly revealed for some time.

Instantly, when I put in the disc, the menu had me nostalgic. I haven’t watched Heroes in a long time, and to see some of the images from the first season again was exciting. I hit play, and the first episode opened similar to Star Wars with scrolling text introducing the basics of the series, that people around the world were discovering powers.

In the first episode, we meet a large group of characters. First, there’s Peter Petrelli, a man who works as an in-home nurse for the dying and who dreams of flying. His brother Nathan is running for Congress in NYC and when Peter tells Nathan about these dreams, he simply dismisses them, as does their mother. Then there’s Claire, a teenage girl in Texas who continuously attempts injury and possible death on camera only for the videos to reveal that she can heal instantly. Hiro Nakamura is an adorable office worker in Japan who is convinced he can bend time and space though his best friend Ando doesn’t immediately believe him. Isaac and Simone, a couple in NYC struggling to stay in love as Isaac realizes the paintings he creates come true. Peter is connected to Simone, as it is her father he is looking after currently. A woman in Las Vegas named Niki who is in debt up to her eyeballs and who’s reflections in mirrors and windows often differ from herself for reasons unknown, and her son Micah who is incredibly smart with machines. And finally there’s Mohinder Suresh, an ordinary man who’s father went to NYC to find special people with powers and who is now deceased. Mohinder travels to NYC to investigate after a near brush with the Man in the Horned Rimmed Glasses – now to be called HRG – , someone who was also investigating Mohinder’s father’s work.

Each of these characters are drawn to the solar eclipse occurring and then continue on their lives trying to figure out these new abilities and mysteries. One of the biggest mysteries is with Niki, who ends the episode waking up surrounded by blood and bodies with no memory of what happened. Another is who is HRG and (spoilers) what does it mean that he is Claire’s adopted father.

Two of the most likable characters are Hiro and Peter. From the start, it’s obvious that Peter is a selfless man, always thinking of others before himself, someone who will do anything for those he loves. And Hiro…well, he’s the adorable fanboy ever. He loves Star Trek and comics and is convinced of his powers even though no one around believes him.

One of the best things about the show, and what looks like a great thing about the new series coming, is the diversity of the cast. Much of the cast is female, there are more than just white actors, the cultures the show explores – Indian and Japanese – aren’t stereotypes or anything like that. The show did well with diversity, and from what we’ve learned of the cast, Reborn seems like it’ll continue that.

Watching the first episode was incredible. Yes, I know all of the answers to the questions and mysteries this episode posed. But I am so excited for this rewatch, to see and fully remember everything this show was and did.















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