On Growing Up With an Alcoholic

Hey Fangirls, today we’re going to get a little serious, and delve into my past a bit.  I know I’ve mentioned some of this in passing before, but for a significant amount of my life, I lived with an alcoholic. My father, for almost the entire time I’ve known him, has struggled with addiction.  He has a severely addictive personality, which is something he (regrettably) passed on to me.


When I was a child, my dad was a severe alcoholic. I remember Saturdays were almost always “quiet days.” They were days when he was plopped firmly in front of the television after waking up incredibly late, and I wasn’t supposed to ask him for things on those days, because he had a headache.  They were quiet days because he was hung over.

As I grew older, and my parents fought more, I started realizing things about my dad weren’t so nice.  He wasn’t kind to my mother, and verbally abused her in front of me. I think their relationship is a big part of the reason my mother doesn’t always see how worthwhile she is.

Though my time with my father has been difficult and made it so I am stressed by the idea of being near him, it taught me a lot. If it weren’t for quiet days, I may not have found such a love for books and fantasy. If I hadn’t seen the affects of alcohol on my family, I would possibly have been even more careless as a teenager, and a young adult, and have drank and possibly really hurt myself. Because I witnessed what it’s like to not know limits, I think I am better able to gauge how much I can drink. Of course I go overboard now and then, but it’s very rare that I get drunk. I know that I like getting buzzed, and that I like being social, but I don’t need alcohol to feel good with friends.

My father and I don’t get along, but I hope that I can extend a hand to any of you fangirls out there who are suffering from alcoholism, or a family member is. If you ever need someone to talk to, please remember that I am here.











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2 thoughts on “On Growing Up With an Alcoholic

  1. My father had a serious problem with alcohol when I was younger. He never admitted to being ‘alcoholic’ and even to this day dislikes the term.

    He clearly knew he had a problem as he stopped drinking alcohol several years ago and hasn’t touched a drop since. Still, the way he abused alcohol had a profound effect on his health and his relationship with both my mother and I.
    My mother also has self esteem issues which are no doubt partly due to her unhealthy relationship with my father and let’s just say that my dad and I have never really seen eye to eye…

    Much like you, I have a very addictive personality but am weary of alcohol, tending to drink but not to excess. I suppose I have my Dad to thank for that!

    Last month Dad had a stroke – his sixth – likely due in part to his alcohol consumption in years gone by. He is stable, but very weak – a shadow of the tough, angry “man’s man” he once was.
    It’s quite sad but in a way the experience has brought our tiny family closer together than it ever has been before.

    Anyway, thank you so much for having the courage to share your story and likewise: If you need to talk to someone don’t be a stranger 🙂

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