Coffin Hill Issues 18 – 19

Fangirls, every time I read Coffin Hill, my brain says something along the lines of “ohshitohshitohshit” through the entire comic. It’s intense, scary, and almost overwhelming to read at some points! Now, issue 20 is out already, but I could barely handle the intensity of these two, so I decided against adding the third today, but it’ll be up next time.


These issues focused a lot on Eve, and how she’s trying to figure out why the Coffin Witch is taking the people that she it.  She realizes (with the help of Evelyn, the Coffin Witch’s little sister) that the Coffin Witch is taking people for strength, and is using the Coffin House as a way to trap souls.

Eve asks her mother to leave so she can try to figure out what’s going on in the house, and almost immediately after she locks herself in, blood starts to pour from the ceiling. Evelyn is walking around with her, explaining that she is in the Coffin Witch’s domain now, and it’ll be incredibly difficult to get out. Young Evelyn soon finds out that she can’t hold out much longer, and gives in to her big sister’s will. After that, Eve makes a bargain with the Coffin Witch, and I’m not sure how well that’s going to go.


While all of this is happening, two other stories are going on. Annabelle, the sergeant who has been working closely with Eve and found the hidden bedroom in her house, is further investigating that bedroom. She finds out about an adoption deal that was going on, and realizes that the signed adoption papers for Andy were fake.  But, when she goes to speak to the woman who signed them, the woman said he should be dead.  If he was dead, why would he be influencing other little girls, with a room in Anna’s house? Regardless, someone doesn’t want her to know, and has started making attempts on her life.

Throughout the books, we’re also getting little flashbacks from when Eve’s mom was in a mental hospital. Her roommate and confidante realizes she’s pregnant, and wants to have the child as someone that will never leave her, but Ellie sees that the Coffin Witch wants the baby. Ellie makes Lorelei stay in the mental ward to attempt to keep her safe, but I’m not sure if it worked. This is paired with some information about the new chief; he came to Coffin Hill because his birth mother was from there, but he was adopted out. I think his mother is Lorelei, Ellie Coffin’s roommate at the mental hospital.

The Coffin Witch really wants that baby.
The Coffin Witch really wants that baby.

Fangirls and Fanboys, this book is so darn good. I get pumped when I read it, but I also get genuinely scared. I was going to read these last night, but I freaked myself out too much and couldn’t bring myself to do it in a dark house. I also know I won’t be walking through the woods to get to work today.

So if you’re into scary stories, or just plain magic, go grab yourself a copy of Coffin Hill. The first two trade paperbacks are out, and this story is too good to miss, so jump in with the single issues too. It’s well worth it.












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