Captain Marvel Issues 13 – 15

Fangirls, I would like to really urge you to read Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel. The series is over, but Carol Corps is taking over, and I’m excited for that, but I am incredibly affected by the happenings of these final issues (15 in particular). I really believe that everyone should read this comic, not only because it’s absolutely phenomenal, but it pulls emotions out of you like you wouldn’t believe. I thought I was very attached to Wonder Woman (from the Brian Azarello and Cliff Chiang series), but they didn’t affect me the way Captain Marvel has.


To be honest with you all, I’ve been putting this off. I knew the series was coming to an end, and didn’t want to deal with that reality. But this morning I bit the proverbial bullet and read these final three issues.

Issue 13 simply wraps things up. Carol gets herself through the space envelope, kicks Haffensye ass, saves Tic and Chewie, and realizes it’s time to go home. Tic decides to go after the Haffensye herself, which is phenomenal; I wouldn’t mind a Tic series, or at least graphic novel (hell, a 6 issue short run would be pretty fab).

Me too, Tic.
Me too, Tic.

Issue 14 is related to the Black Vortex thaang that Marvel did, and since I didn’t follow it, I wasn’t very concerned with it. I read it, and I’m glad I did, because it reminded me of the strength and love of Captain Marvel. She’s a sass queen, and super stinkin’ powerful, and really shows it off in this issue.


But issue 15, Fangirls. In it, Carol comes home, to Earth, and finds out Tracy (her friend who had been hospitalized) had passed away. Tracy left a couple things for Carol, and some memories for her, but her final request was to have her ashes spread at the same beach where her partner had hers spread. But when Carol and her friends got to the beach and went to release the ashes, nothing came out of the urn except a note, saying that Tracy donated her body to science, and she wanted Carol to have a good day at the beach with her friends.


I wasn’t ready for an end to this series; I fell in love with DeConnick’s writing here, I met Captain Marvel through this series, and I learned about some more parts of the Marvel Universe here. But this ending is as perfect as they could get, and prepared me for Carol Corps. Thank you, Kelly Sue DeConnick, for bringing Carol back.












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