Horns-Movie-Daniel-Radcliffe-WallpapersOhhhhh boy. This movie hit me so hard, possibly because of my own personal feelings and past but, it made the movie that much better for the connection I felt to it. It’s the first role I have seen Daniel Radcliffe in since Harry Potter that I have really liked.

But I mean, I only saw him in The Woman in Black, which was just kind of ok, so maybe that isn’t fair to say.

Horns follows Ig Parrish, a guy who is being blamed for the murder of his girlfriend, Merrin. He begins to grow horns which, at first seem like a bit of a curse because of the obvious aesthetic but also because they make people reveal deep personal truths to him and want to live unhindered, submitting to carnal desires and deadly sins.

hornsHe eventually begins to use these horns and abilities to not only clear his name but find who killed Merrin and make them pay for taking away what he loved. This movie hit me hardest in watching their love bud as children, and flourishing through their lives in snippets of memories you see. It was so well acted that it felt like a real relationship. When you have the knowledge that she is out of his reach and she has gone where he cant follow and their love cannot continue, it just makes you so sad.

Horns-Movie-Daniel-Radcliffe-WallpaperI wont reveal all the fine details of the movie because it was just so good and the mystery and the progression of how you feel about Merrin as a character is part of the experience. I will say that you do eventually find out who killed her, and they do pay. Horns does have a bittersweet ending in that Ig and Merrin end the movie happy. If Daniel Radcliffe kept doing movies like Horns, he would continue to be very successful.

I would highly recommend this movie but, not around kids even a little. There is a lot of swearing especially from Ig and a lot of vulgar, dirty moments.

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