Let’s Talk About: RodeoH Harnesses

After two years of writing these articles, I figured we’re long overdue for a product review, Fangirls. With all my reviews of adult toy stores and sites, it’s probably no surprise that I own my fair share of toys & tools for making sex more of what you want. A long while back, I bought my first dildo harness, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I searched long & hard for a product to suit my needs, and the delivery of RodeoH’s unique harness did not disappoint.

Though I had never, and still haven’t, used one, those bulky, leathery harness never struck my fancy. They seemed too cumbersome, too ugly, and too much like they’d be digging logointo your thighs. I can’t say I’ve ever tested my negative theories about them, but that’s because I was lucky enough to find a harness that works wonders for me on my first try. It does have it’s cons, but the RodeoH black boxer is exactly what I need; a comfortable, functional dildo harness.

I shopped for months, probably. This, along with the dildo that it would accompany, would be my first big sex toy purchase, and I wanted to get it right. Plus, these things usually cost a pretty penny, and I didn’t want to blow hard earned cash on something I wasn’t going to love. I certainly succeeded in finding that something. I stumbled upon the RodeoH company, and instantly loved what they were doing. They knew that not everyone wanted those bulky leather things, and knew that they probably weren’t very comfortable either. So, they invented a harness that instead takes the form of underwear. It’s like any pair of soft, comfy undies or briefs, with an added o ring for the insertion of a dildo. Brilliant was my first thought. But upon purchasing one and using it; Fucking brilliant.grayharnessI chose the very classic looking black boxer. In hindsight, I would have chosen a lighter harnesscolor like their gray pair, black doesn’t hide a thing when it comes to stains and all that good stuff. Aside from that, though, these are so comfortable. As a wearer of men’s briefs, they blend in with all the rest of my undies, my butt never knows the difference. In the front is the o ring, in which you can insert any dildo you want. Well, most likely. I haven’t tried many different sizes or anything, but it seems as though it will hold up with any size you place in there. Plus, the website sells a few different sizes of o rings, so I’m sure you can customize as need be. These harness briefs suit my needs, and my aesthetic. I feel more comfortable in men’s style clothing, and with this harness I’m able to carry that over to the bedroom.

However, you don’t have to be a boyish lesbian with a killer dad bod to love this product. When I first bought my harness, surely there harnesses were targeted more towards that sort of demographic. But recently, I’ve found that they added more feminine styles to round out their selection. It’s silly to think that more “masculine” women are the ones looking for a product like this. Ladies who like something a little more girly would like to comfortably love up their partners, too. RodeoH thinks so too, of course. They’ve added some more high cut, lacey and printed harness too. Let me tell you, Fangirls, these things are hella cute. purpleharnessPlus, all of these styles are super sexy in the way that they can be discreetly worn under pants without the dildo attached. So you can be harnessed up and ready to go whenever the mood strikes. My only problem has been with the harness not being tight or elastic enough to fully hold the dildo up sometimes. I find that it’s super enjoyable for both parties if you can have the base of the dildo pressed up against you while you’re playing. However, I could be at fault for this by possibly ordering a size too large for me. Regardless, I’m in love with RodeoH and what they’re putting out there. Harnesses don’t have to be bulky and cumbersome, they can and should be both comfortable and functional. Three cheers for RodeoH and there incredible products.




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