African Black Soap

Hey Fangirls.  Awhile back I mentioned that I do have somewhat of a beauty baseline that I use to take care of my body.  Though I usually use whatever soap we’ve got, my absolute favorite (and most highly recommended) soap is African Black Soap.


I’ve got excema, a skin thing that gives me weird rashes on parts of my body.  Though it effects me mostly in the summer and winter (when extremely dry skin is normal), it can flare up when I’m over stressed.  I find it quite embarrassing (it’s usually worst on my inner elbows, opposite my kneecaps, and where my butt meets my thighs), and the stress from having it usually makes it worse.  When I was in Florida, on the Disney College Program, I dated a boy who noticed my skin issues.  The Florida sun and humidity really didn’t help the excema or my acne.  He noticed, but didn’t mock, the issues I was having, and recommended the soap that he used to keep his skin soft, clean, and smelling great all day; African Black Soap.


This soap has shea butter, some of the best stuff on the planet for your skin in it.  It’s super moisturizing, and really feels good.  I don’t do the household shopping, so I don’t get to pick out the soap that we keep on hand, but every now and then Black Soap is brought home for me, and I love it.

So this whole year so far, I’ve been experimenting with beauty products.  I’ve had stuff from Fortune Cookie Soap, Lush, my grocery store, and even some from etsy sellers.  It’s really great to try out new things, but I had to remind myself (and I suggest you do the same), to take breaks from throwing new stuff at your skin constantly.  It can be very rough on your body to be trying new things constantly, especially if you have sensitive skin.  This is where African Black Soap came in.


There was a point where I was trying out at least 2 new soaps a week.  I was getting stuff done in advance and trying out new scents.  Plus I was taking at least one steaming hot bath a week.  My skin went into meltdown mode.  I would randomly get hives at least once a week, my excema kept flaring up, and I didn’t know what to do.  And then my mum reminded me: reestablish your baseline.  My skin didn’t know what to do.  So what better than to use the most comforting soap I know to help things along?

African Black Soap has been around for quite some time, and I highly doubt it’s going anywhere soon.  It works wonders at nursing skin back to health, it’s great for dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin, and it smells amazing.  I find the time I spend using African Black Soap to be significantly better than time using other soap.  So check it out, Fangirls.  I get mine from Target, where it’s usually around $5.








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Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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