Black Canary Issue 2

Fangirls, comics sure have been doing me right lately. Captain Marvel made me cry, Power Up was rad as hell, Black Widow never disappoints, and now Black Canary has found her way into my pull box and heart. That was beyond cheesey, but I am incredibly excited about this series, and after the slap in the face that ended issue 2, I’m sure you all are too.


The brunt of this comic is background information. A lot of comics I read will have an issue, early on, where they explained why things were happening. It’s usually almost painfully obvious, “yup so x, y, and z happened, so now I’m here!” Not Black Canary. They carefully wove information into the story, and ended with a real kicker, and it’s making me love this team even more.

It starts with training. Dinah is training the rest of the band in both hand-to-hand combat and shooting. No one seems too enthusiastic about it, especially the pain that comes from learning hand-to-hand with friggin’ Black Canary, but Dinah is adamant that it happens. While they’re shooting, Dinah goes to talk to Ditto, who starts to walk away and play as Dinah follows her. Dinah gets all sorts of colorful, and the band’s manager comes over to tell her they’ve seen something. When Dinah checks it out, she sees nothing, but a panel shows that there was something there.

Of course I'm in love with the art of this comic, but they really did amazing at showing off the colors in this issue.
Of course I’m in love with the art of this comic, but they really did amazing at showing off the colors in this issue.

Later in the issue, an old band mate shows her face. Maeve, the original singer of Black Widow, had snuck into their tour bus, and decided to interrupt the practice of Lord Byron and Paloma with a keyboard solo. She gets sassy about the way things ended with the band (their label dropped her and picked up Dinah as a replacement), and that’s it. I’m sure Maeve will be back sooner than later.

At the end of the issue, the band is shopping, and Ditto grabs Dinah’s hand. She strums something that Dinah likes, and Dinah hums along. Whatever it is that Ditto plays, it makes another of the assailants appear, destroying his camouflage. Dinah kicks his ass, and unmasks him, finding out he’s her ex-husband, and realizes that they are in much deeper than they thought.


This book is just so rad, Fangirls. I’m way into it, and even though I forever sail the Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen ship, I’m intrigued by this ex-husband. His hair is dark, so I really doubt it is Queen. And as obvious as using a bow and arrow would be, they are not a part of his outfit; I’m going to continue the assumption that it isn’t him. Regardless, we’re an issue in and I can not get enough of this book, so I’m excited to see where it goes from here.










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