Heroes Rewatch: Don’t Look Back and One Giant Leap

Here we go, Fangirls, into chapters two and three of Heroes. As usual, not spoiler free.


Chapter two, “Don’t Look Back,” picks up right where everyone left off. Claire discusses meeting her birth parents with her adopted father HRG, Hiro teleports himself to NYC and discovers a comic series involving him, and Mohinder meets a friend of his father named Eden.

As Hiro reads the comic, he discovers conversations, word for word, between himself and Ando, and sees that Isaac, the painter we met in episode one, is the author of the comics.

We see Isaac, recovering from an overdose because he believes the drugs are what allows him to paint the future. Simone does not believe that Isaac can see the future and only worries about his health.

Next we see Claire, she is flirting with the quarterback and another girl who looks similar to Claire trying to flirt with him. As Zach, Claire’s friend who has filmed her attempts, runs over to tell her something important, the principal tells Claire and the other girl that the fire chief wants a word with the cheerleaders. Claire and the cheerleaders are lined up to find out which one saved a man from a burning train. It was obviously Claire, but when she is called on she freezes and Jackie, the other girl from earlier, steps forward as the “hero” and becomes an honorary firefighter. Claire and Zach are finally talking and Zach reveals that the tape of her attempts are missing. Back at home, HRG says that he will try to find Claire’s birth parents for her. When Claire leaves the room, it is revealed that HRG has the missing tapes.

Niki wakes up surrounded by bodies and blood, frightened and unsure of what happened. Her reflection, which is again different than her, tells her to be silent and say nothing. She grabs the camera that was in the room and watches, but it tells her nothing. Suddenly, Niki is again in her car but in nicer clothes, no longer in the bloodied outfit she had been wearing. Her son calls and she discovers she has lost four hours. We find out as Niki talks to her best friend that her ex husband DL is on the run from the police. When Niki and Micah return home, she goes to the garage where the bodies are and finds it perfectly cleaned with keys to a Cadillac waiting for her. The car is registered to her and the bodies are in the trunk with a map showing where to bury them.

Hiro goes to Isaac’s apartment and finds him dead, a gun near the body, the top of the head cut off and the brain missing. He picks up the gun and when the cops come in he faints.

Peter is in the hospital, his attempt to fly ending with some big revelations. He begins drawing a stick figure sketch, which by the end of the episode comes true.

Mohinder and Eden are speaking. She was close to “Papa Suresh” and Mohinder tells her he was murdered. They discuss Papa Suresh’s theories and discover he has some messages on his machine, and one is a mysterious voice. When Papa Suresh picks up, he names the voice as Sylar. Sylar declares that Suresh made him dark and evil, and Mohinder reveals that he found a tape with Sylar’s name on it. Mohinder finds a USB with the code that shows that Papa Suresh achieved his goal of finding people with powers.

The most important part of the episode is the introduction of Matt Parkman. He is a cop in Los Angeles. He’s directing traffic during a murder/missing child investigation when suddenly he hears the young girl begging not to be hurt. He follows the sound and finds the child in the house, hiding from the bad man who killed her parents. We also meet a detective who is convinced that a man named Sylar committed these murders, but her superior won’t listen. Again, we see a body with the top of the head cut off, in the same fashion that Hiro found Isaac. Matt is questioned about how he heard the girl and realizes that he can hear people’s thoughts.

When he wakes up, Hiro is being questioned by police about Isaac’s murder. He calls Ando, and Ando reveals that Hiro has been missing for five weeks. Hiro checks his watch and it says October 2nd. The police say that it is November 8th, and as this revelation occurs, an explosion happens – one that Isaac has drawn – and Hiro teleports back to October 2nd to end chapter two.

This chapter doesn’t have much in the way of action, focusing more on the character development and introducing Matt and the concept of Sylar.

Chapter three, “One Giant Leap”, begins Niki burying the bodies as Micah sleeps in the back seat of the Cadillac. She finds other bodies buried with no idea who they are. Claire goes to school with HRG dropping her off, Hiro returns home – missing only two days – and goes immediately to Ando to tell him everything, hoping to convince him by saving a little girl’s life.

Peter continues attempting to fly, with little success. He keeps trying to talk to Nathan about it and Nathan continues to brush him off. Peter finds Papa Suresh’s book and believes it is the key. Peter later quits working for Simone and her father, feeling that nursing may not be what he’s meant for.

Eden still has a key to the apartment and she and Mohinder talk about the research they found last chapter. In frustration at not being able to understand the research, Mohinder throws the computer and they find Papa Suresh’s notebook. A key is in it with an address that supposedly leads to Sylar. The apartment is normal until they find a secret room with writing on the wall and the same map that Mohinder’s father had been working on, a map showing where special people may be living. There is another area with writing on the wall asking for forgiveness for sins. Mohinder brings a cop to the apartment but it is cleaned out. Eden is there as well, looking suspicious.

Matt, arrested under the pretense that he’s Sylar, is trying to explain his power without sounding crazy. He eventually gets FBI agent Audrey Hanson, who arrested him, to believe him and she offers him the chance to work with the FBI. She wants someone to connect with the girl, Molly, who Matt saved before. As they go to her, she begins to scream. Sylar has returned for her. As Audrey shoots at Sylar, Matt grabs Molly and makes the connection with her. Audrey chases Sylar but he uses powers to get away, almost killing Audrey. Matt comes and shoots him, but he gets up and gets away. (Opinion note: I feel like when this episode was written, they gave Sylar powers that he later doesn’t have, not being fully aware of what or who he was. He gets up from being shot supposedly unhurt, but he later is chasing Claire for her power. He appears to simply disappear but never gains teleportation or flight so where’d he go?)

Matt goes home to an angry wife. It was revealed in chapter two that they’ve been having marital issues. He hears her thoughts about wishing to simply leave and he says he’ll let her. Matt goes to a bar and can hear everyone’s thoughts. It is here Matt encounters a man later known as The Haitian. Matt can’t hear his thoughts no matter how hard he tries. He stands, only to collapse as if drugged.

Simone is planning to sell Isaac’s paintings to get money for rehab, but he won’t go, feeling that they are still the future with Simone not believing it. He has painted the explosion of NYC and knows it has to be stopped. He and Simone break up and as she leaves, the phone rings. It is someone who keeps calling but doesn’t speak English. Sweet Hiro is trying to save Isaac without knowing how while also preparing to save a young girl. Hiro and Ando find the young girl and Hiro freezes time to save her, finally getting Ando’s belief.

Niki takes Micah to his grandmother’s, DL’s mother. She offers to take Micah and raise him, still believing DL is a good man, though she reveals that he escaped prison. Niki suddenly gets angry and threatens violence before leaving. Micah seemingly alludes to knowing about his father’s whereabouts, but is interrupted by a man wanting to take Niki to Linderman, the man she owes all her money to.

Peter and Simone meet up at Nathan’s party and he reveals that he is in love with her. Nathan gives some clue as to his wife, saying she’d be there if she were able. There was also allusion to an accident but no other details there. Nathan tells the press that Peter is suicidal, which is a lie, and Peter leaves the party, clearly angry with his brother. There’s a bit of a love triangle developing with Peter, Simone, and Isaac, but oh well, it’s not the most important thing.

Hiro and Ando make it to America and Hiro continues to follow the comic book and be adorable. Ando is creepily obsessed with Niki, and they go off to Vegas.

Zach and Claire are arguing about the missing tapes, Claire seemingly no longer caring about them or her differences but really fearing them and wanting to just be normal. Claire goes to a bonfire and is isolated. Her quarterback crush shows up, gets her a drink, and they talk about her adoption and her unhappy mood. They kiss and go off, watched by an unknown girl. Quarterback, who’s name doesn’t matter, tries to go too far with Claire and as she fights back, he ends up killing her on accident. Of course, we know Claire’s powers but she doesn’t wake up, having been stabbed in the brain. This is really the first major clue that the brain is at the center of these special powers. Thus ends chapter three.

Chapter three had a bit more going on than chapter two. What I really love about this show is it’s attention to characters. How do they all interact? Are we meant to like them all? And I love the secrecy of Sylar’s identity. Obviously since this is a rewatch I know who he is, but I remember watching the series wanting to know, and when we finally learned I was so satisfied. This show knows it has to be about the people. It knows that not all we meet can be trusted or liked, and as it goes each character develops properly.

Something I’m finding interesting is that Peter Petrelli is one of the most main characters of the series and yet he’s the one I seem to write least about. They try to keep their characters even, but at the heart of everything is Peter, and this becomes more obvious as the season continues. But writing these rewatch posts, I’m not writing a ton about him. Maybe it’s because not a lot has been revealed about him yet, I’m not sure. We’ll see as the rewatch continues.














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