Dragon Ball Z Resurrection ‘F’

Drgaon-Ball-Z-Resurrection-No-F-MovieLast night, some friends and I went to see the new Dragon Ball Z movie for its premiere and the series’ second tie in into a new series: Dragon Ball Super! Definite spoilers ahead!!

Honestly I’m a little confused about the timing of Dragon Ball Super because, reading the Japanese synopsis it seems to take place before even Battle of the Gods but, I can’t see why they would dangle Super Saiyan God in front of us just to snatch it away unless just the first few episodes will be taking place as a prequel.

In any case, lets talk about the movie!!

First off, the theater was packed, there were 5 in our party and we had to split up into groups of 2 with 1 of us sitting behind one group. This was both annoying and nice to see that the fandom is still very much alive 18 years later!

The movie itself was really very good! It takes place some time after Battle of the Gods and it seems Goku and Vegeta have been training with Whis, Lord Beerus’ assistant and babysitter to the God of Destruction since he is in fact, more powerful than him. The movie sees Frieza’s ultimate fate in his own personal Hell where he is serenaded daily by Frieza-DBZRFteddy bears and fairies. He is resurrected by Sorbet, a member of the original Frieza Force which has, as Frieza points out, suffered a great deal over the years. He uses Earth’s Dragon Balls to return him to life and regeneration technology to return him to his former self; no robot parts required. He quickly proves that he is just as ruthless and evil as ever, killing many soldiers in the room simply because he considers them weak and cowardly.

After Frieza discovers that Goku has gotten a great deal stronger over the years, surpassing even Majin Buu and facing Lord Beerus (two foes Frieza’s father told him never to challenge) he decides that for the first time in his life he must train in order to get his revenge on Goku.

Frieza ForceLong story short, he achieves his goal in just a few months and arrives on Earth with a force of around 1000 men. The new movie really appealed to fans in the fact that we saw some old favorites join the fight even if they are a bit out of practice. Master Roshi even fights, which is something I honestly can’t recall seeing since the original Dragon Ball. He bulks up his muscles like we’ve seen him do before and kicks some serious ass; shooting off Kamehameha Waves like he never stopped! Gohan briefly goes Super Saiyan which was refreshing to see since he has gone full suburban dad with his glasses and track suit. Krillan shaved his head and donned his old orange gi.

Frieza fightThe soldiers are defeated and then Frieza decides it is time for him to step in, even though Goku has not yet arrived. But, luckily he uses instant transmission to bring himself and Vegeta from Lord Beerus’ planet to Earth to face his nemesis. The fight is pretty great and they both acknowledge that they are holding back a secret power and decide to cut the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyancrap, essentially. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (for those who didn’t know, that isn’t a typo its just a ridiculous name) turning his hair blue and Frieza powers up to Golden Frieza which is basically his Super Saiyan. As I understand it with the help of this quote from the wiki “This form is attained by mastering the Super Saiyan God form, then becoming a Super Saiyan and flooding the transformation with godly ki.” and it continues on to say that this form is actually stronger than Super Saiyan God and is stronger than Beerus when he is using 70% power.Gold Frieza Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F Trailer

They duke it out for a while, and all the while Vegeta is watching and waiting for his turn; they generally don’t take Frieza terribly seriously throughout the entire thing and it actually makes for a fair bit of comic relief with how insulting they are about it. Eventually, Vegeta steps in after Goku is downed by Sorbet shooting him with a laser beam like a big cheater. Its revealed that Vegeta too has attained Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, suggesting that at some point he attained Super Saiyan God level while we weren’t watching! He finishes Frieza off for the most part and Goku is revived by a Senzu Bean. Frieza’s lack of mastery of his new form burns through all of his energy and forces him to power down but, he destroys the Earth anyway.

Whis(him and Beerus have been watching from the sidelines while enjoying a strawberry sundae Bulma made) is able to use an ability he mentioned earlier where he can briefly turn back time as a sort of Temporal Do Over and Goku is able to power Back up to Super Saiyan God SS and destroy Frieza, much to the chagrin of Vegeta who calls Goku a glory hog.

Whis does comment that if Goku and Vegeta were to work together in their new forms, or fuse again in that form, they might be able to defeat Beerus but, they both are really not up for that. I’m guessing that sometime during Dragon Ball Super they will have to unless they purposely dangled that in front of us just to make the joke.

There is a post credits scene where you get to see Frieza back in his hell, welcomed home by his teddy bear friends. Frieza's Hell

It was an awesome movie, and even if you read this whole article spoilers and all, you should still see it!! I left out plenty of the little jokes and awesome sequences and the newer animation style allowed for some really cool battle sequences! It only plays through till August 12th and then you have to wait for the video release, so don’t miss it in theaters!!

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.

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