Nerds Gotta Drink: Margarita Mondays

I live in a rather small town, Fangirls. It’s surrounded by several other towns that make it seem a bit bigger, but it’s definitely not huge. That makes it a bit difficult to go out for a drink sometimes. Luckily, we have a place called Superior Cantina that popped up maybe a year ago in downtown Glens Falls.


Superior Cantina sits at 27 Bay St, Glens Falls, and has some darn tasty food. But to be totally honest with you, the food isn’t why I go. Almost every Monday, Ashley and I head to  Superior Cantina for their improved version of happy hour, Margarita Mondays. On Mondays, house margaritas are half off. That brings the small sizes down to about $3.50, and the 20oz glasses down to $4. It’s phenomenal.

Margaritas have always intimidated me. Tequila has a reputation of being very scary, but luckily, Superior Cantina makes amazing margaritas that don’t make me feel like I’m dying. They have multiple flavors (I’ve tried pomegranate, strawberry, and prickly pear), and will serve it over  ice or frozen. Ashley and I got them frozen once and almost immediately felt the alcohol, but when we get it over ice, it seems less bad. Our waitress was kind enough to tell us that there is a higher alcohol content in the margaritas over ice, but she feels it stronger when it’s frozen as well.

If you’re in Upstate New York, and looking for a great margarita, definitely stop by Superior Cantina. The wait staff is friendly, it’s a family owned business, their food is pretty dang good, and their margaritas are phenomenal.











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