Feminerd: Visible Bra Straps

Fangirls, I’ve had a big issue with this for a long time. It’s considered inappropriate for women’s bras to be visible in any way, including the strap. On one hand, I can totally understand it, but on the other, it really pisses me off.

What do you mean, people wear BRAS?!?!?!

If you are uncomfortable with any undergarment being visible, on anyone, in any occasion, I can deal with that. It’s underwear, intended to go under the clothing. Originally, it wasn’t made to be seen! I can get behind that 100%. But, a lot of the time, it’s more acceptable for a man to have his boxers showing, than it is for a woman to have any part of her bra visible. As long as you aren’t subscribed to that “logic,” I understand.

But as soon as someone isn’t offended by boxers, but is offended by bras, I’m upset. Breasts are not genetalia, they are glands designed to feed infants. My breasts are not purely sexual, and people need to understand that. I am not someone who goes anywhere braless, because I need the support. But I will wear a light shirt with a dark bra for the look or the aesthetic or just because I haven’t done laundry in awhile. It drives me absolutely bonkers that we are chastised for letting our bras be visible.

“Oh, your bra is out,” is something that I hear a lot. I’m fine with people letting me know, but I don’t appreciate suggestions to cover up. For formal occasions I do my best to stay appropriate altogether, regardless of my bra, because it is still an undergarment.

I don’t intend for my bra to offend you, and I really hope it doesn’t, but it is on my body, and is my business.










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