A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A Young Doctor's NotebookI must be on a Daniel Radcliffe kick since I just reviewed Horns but, he was really very good in a BBC series titled “A Young Doctor’s Notebook”

Daniel Radcliffe plays well….a young Doctor fresh out of the Imperial Moscow University of Medicine and Dentistry who scored top of his class. He gets exiled appointed to a small hospital in the middle of absolutely nowhere after the previous doctor died from syphilis. I should mention that the show takes place during the Russian Revolution so, syphilis was still generally hard to treat.

o-YOUNG-DOCTORS-NOTEBOOKAnyway, without getting into any gratuitous story details he comes to the realization that school is nothing like the real world and constantly second guesses himself. The show is laced with moments where his future self from about 17 years later and his past self which we see most of the time interact in mostly funny banter. His future self has a nasty morphine addiction so, we know that will come eventually.

a-young-doctors-notebook-51f7a9ab57f83We do get to see him fall under the control of this addiction and generally fall deeper and deeper into a hole that takes him until his future self to climb out of but, the end of the series makes you feel hopeful, even though we know his past self must live through all of the shit, we see his future self get clean and return to a better life.

The episodes are remarkably short for how much they actually accomplish in terms of storytelling. They are your average 22 minute show with only 8 episodes but like I said, they feel like an hour long drama and do not really leave anything to be desired.

Daniel Radcliffe himself was very good in the role. He had the kind of innocence from his Harry Potter days left over and that was able to further cement the idea that he was out of his depth in his new position.

I do suggest it wholeheartedly, it was very good storytelling and will only take you about 2.5 hours to finish; it’s like a good movie!!

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