Steven Universe

Fangirls, I’m a big fan of television, children’s shows in particular. I love to watch cartoons; I get attached to the characters and fall in love and feel heartbreaker and I just want to hug them all. Steven Universe is a show by Rebecca Sugar that is on it’s third season, and I can’t stop watching it. I don’t have cable, so I actually watched it all on Amazon Prime at a friend’s house, before going home and buying it all on iTunes to rewatch on my own. I’m currently on my third watch of the show, and I’m still amazed.


Steven Universe is a boy who is part human, and part crystal gem. His mother, Rose Quartz, gave up her physical form to create him with his dad, Greg Universe. Steven lives with Rose’s three friends; Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. Together with Steven (who now possesses the Rose Quartz gem), they are the Crystal Gems.

The Crystal Gems are a group of gems whose homeward invaded earth, but the Crystal Gems realized that what they were doing was wrong. The four gems fought against their homeward, and won, but the show seems to be leading up to another huge battle. Though other homeward gems have been mentioned (namely Yellow Diamond, the leader), only three have been shown; Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, and Peridot. Lapis isn’t bad, but Peridot and Jasper are incredibly dangerous.

The show follows Steven and the Crystal Gems as they save earth from gem monsters, eat ice cream, and kind of try to fit in. They aren’t very good at fitting in, but they’re pretty great at saving the world.

I think this show is phenomenal because it shows a range of body types (mostly female), and gives all of the secondary characters who live in Beach City their own episodes so we can get to know everyone better. One of my favorite episodes is about two people that Steven buys doughnuts from, Sadie and Lars. Sadie is tiny and adorable, and hopelessly in love with Lars. In the episode, Lars fakes an injury to get out of work, but when Sadie and Steven bring him doughnuts to try and make him feel better, they find out he was faking. The next day he tries the same excuse at work, and Sadie dumps fire salt on his doughnut, causing him to breathe fire on the whole town. It’s funny, but it makes you really feel for Sadie. Their friendship and relationship is cute but sad.

The gems each have a weapon; Garnet has huge fists, Pearl has a sword, Amethyst a whip, and Steven a shield. The gems can fuse together in a Fusion, which is my absolute favorite thing about the show. Gems will dance, and end up combining into one massive gem. Though I adore Sugilite, I have another favorite (who I won’t spoil for you because I love her so much and you need to see how perfect it is).

But look at how cute they are?
But look at how cute they are?

I have been Fingerling hard over this show. I listen to the music constantly, just bought volume one of the comic, and watch a couple episodes of the show every day. It’s an addiction, but such a good one. But be wary, Fangirls. This show gets you emotionally attached, and will pull at your heart strings. For awhile I was saying that it’s not a show for children, but Joe Hunter (a crazy great artist) said that it is a children’s show, it just doesn’t talk down to it’s audience. He’s right; Steven Universe shows Obsessive Compulsive Disorder pretty accurately, along with addressing death simply and straightforward. It’s amazing, and everyone should really go watch it right now, because it’s beautiful and fun and lovely.












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