On The Pressures of Adulting

Fangirls, I’m a recent college graduate. I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Media & Communications a couple months ago, and have taken the summer to do kind of what I wanted, and relax a bit. Usually, the next step would be for me to find a job in my field or continue my education, but I’ve realized that there are some things I need to work on for myself, first.

There is a lot of pressure that comes with graduating college. There’s pressure to immediately jump into the field you’re in, move somewhere perfect for you, and in some cases, settle down with the one you’re supposed to be with forever. I’m not really ready for all of that. Sure, I’m ready to get the heck out, but I need to figure some stuff out for me.

I need to learn how to drive. I feel like such a fool for not knowing how to drive a car at my age, but I’ve always had this intense fear that if I can drive, I’ll leave. Not just go on a peaceful drive to clear my mind, but just leave. When I am hit with severe depression, my mind tells me to disappear. That’s incredibly dangerous, and since I haven’t done anything to combat it, the urge has gotten stronger. So I’m going to learn how to drive. I’m absolutely terrified of it; it’s a huge step in the “adulting” direction, and I’m not completely excited about that, but it’s an important step, and I need to work on improving my depression coping skills.

I need to get a job. Now, I’ve had the same part time job for several years, and had various ones before that, but I needed a full time job. I needed something where I can get benefits and a higher pay. That would make everything else easier; paying for a car, eventually an apartment, simple cost of living stuff. I was recently promoted to full time, with a pay raise, and I’m incredibly happy that it’s a step towards adulting.

There are still a lot of steps to go, but I feel like I’m finally starting tome forward. I’m working to make a plan for the next year; finances, driving, and eventually moving. I’m excited and nervous, but I’m starting to gain the confidence I think I’ll need to get there. If you have any sort of advice for me, or just want to share your struggles with the pressures of growing up, please put it in the comments!













2 thoughts on “On The Pressures of Adulting

  1. i am in the same position and I am also trying to figure out how to drive. Today i was so nervous with my driving instructor that I almost hit the car. OMG ! that was awful. I think you are on the right track, all you need is working every day on you goal. If you do that every day, next month you realise you know the whole think. Good luck with everything !

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