Lumberjanes Issues 10-12

I know I’m behind, Fangirls, but I’m working to catch up. These three issues show us what happens to The Roanoke cabin when they’re given a free day to split up and do what they want; Jo, April, and Ripley decide to earn some “normal” badges while Mal and Molly go on a date, excuse me, a picnic.


In true Lumberjane fashion, nothing goes right. These issues are pretty equally spilt with April, Jo, and Ripley / Mal and Molly. Ripley, Jo, and April spend their free day earning badges that are simpler; things like Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant, Watching Paint Dry, and Go Ball-Istic are attempted, but not really earned. Ripley does a great job earning badges; she gets almost all of the badges they attempt. But Jo and April don’t do quite as well. They overthink a lot of the tasks, and end up not getting it done right.


Meanwhile, Mal and Molly go on their picnic/date (holy cow they’re so in love I can’t handle it), and right after grabbing some apples, they see the Bear-Woman run by them, into the out of order outhouse. They follow her (weirdos) and end up in a forgotten world. There are dinosaurs, weird plants, lava flows; the whole nine yards! The Bear-Woman spots them and explains what they have to do: find her glasses. A baby T-Rex stole her glasses, and they can’t get out without them. After her plan doesn’t work, Mal comes up with a plan, they get out, and the Lumberjanes are reunited!


This short storyline was a lot of fun, and reminds me of why I love the Lumberjanes! They’ve got everything you need for a great story; magic, dinosaurs, and friendship! It’s good stuff. If you haven’t been picking up Lumberjanes, I suggest you change that immediately. Support this amazing book as it rounds the corner towards its second year of existence (definitely worth celebrating, as it was supposed to only last 6 issues) by grabbing the first trades and the subsequent single issues.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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