Harley Quinn 18

Fangirls, this business with Captain Strong is getting a bit crazy. Last issue he sent two of Harley’s girl’s to the hospital, and this time he got Harley herself! And the ending…I’m worried for these girls!


Harley and Bolly Quinn go after Captain Strong, and are bothered by some rough dudes. Harley gives them her cell phone, warning that it isn’t something that can be far from her without exploding. They don’t believe her, but she really shows them.


They come across Captain Strong, who has had yet another dose of that space seaweed, and he puts up a darn good fight. He leaves some of his seaweed behind and Harley takes it; sending her into a dream about herself as a pirate, going against all of her enemies (including the Joker). I really enjoyed this sequence, done by Jed Dougherty, but I was not a fan of Harley and Joker ripping each other’s clothes off to make out. Not into it.

When Harley comes to, she’s in a hospital, being tended by Ivy. She finds out that all of the Quinns went after strong, and he took them all out, threw them over his shoulder, and brought them somewhere, but no one was brave enough to follow. Harley guesses that he brought them to the ocean, and she’s right. Captain Strong commandeered someone’s boat, and has all the Quinns hostage, and after a couple bites of seaweed, it looks like they won’t be surviving the night.


I’m still loving this series. It bums me out that they keep putting Harley and Joker together, when she’s made the point to say she knows he’s bad for her, and she’s past him. I want her to continue doing her own thing, and loving herself (which I don’t doubt she will). Every time he pops up, it just bums me out.

But that pirate sequence is pretty killer, Fangirls. There’s an allusion to Killing Joke, a ton of Gotham’s finest villains are there, and both Bruce Wayne and Batman are included! So go grab yourself a copy of issue 18 of Harley Quinn, and get ready for 19, which comes out next Wednesday.












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