Appdicted: Nintendo’s New 3DS

Fangirls, I feel like I’ve been missing out for so much of my life. Up until very recently, I had never owned a hand-held gaming device. I know that the New 3DS has been out for awhile, so if you’re quite versed in the system, feel free to skip over this.


So, this was an entirely new experience for me. I had borrowed hand-helds before, or just played on them a couple times, but I had never owned one until just over a week ago. And Fangirls? This has been an amazing revelation. Hand held gaming devices are so neat, I’m losing my mind. I’ve been playing every second I get; it comes everywhere with me, and I don’t like putting it down (I even had it out on dates with my boy). It became an addiction incredibly fast.

For the longest time, I was convinced that I was going to buy a 2DS. I love the mint color it’s sold in, it’s cheaper than 3DS systems, and it didn’t have the 3D, which I don’t need. But I thought about it for awhile, and realized that the 2DS would soon be outdated, and I wouldn’t be able to play new games on it. That’s not a very appealing idea. So I price matched a New 3DS for myself, and started the most addicting thing on the planet.

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon, but we’ll get to that in a week or two. The social aspect of the New 3DS is so darn rad, I can’t deal. Not only can I streetpass people (when you pass people on the street with their 3DS on, and your miis meet), but I can add friends from the internet, I can trade Pokémon, and I can remotely play Mario Kart with my boy (even though he has the game and I don’t). I’m astounded. I get really pumped about trading Pokémon and streetpasses; I’ve been told that I’m going to lose my mind at conventions because everyone has a DS (at least artists do), and I’ll get all the cool dudes as friends. SPX, are you ready for all the street passing? I’m not.

One thing that really bummed me out was the lack of power cord. I played a bit of Pokémon my first night before my DS died. Nintendo didn’t include power cords because they assumed that everyone who would be playing had a hand held from them already, and wouldn’t need another cord. I groaned excessively when I found this out.

Other than that, this system is a dream. I play it all the time, and it’s going to make all of the train riding I do a lot easier. I usually bring a book, but end up playing on my iPad. Now I have Pokémon to pet and questing to do! All in all, I’m astounded by my New 3DS. If you didn’t have one growing up and have a couple hundred to spare, you should probably go get one right now. They’re great, and we can be friends. If you’ve already got a DS, add my friend code 1779-3208-4133), and send me yours so I can add you back!













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