Heroes Rewatch: Better Halves and Nothing to Hide

Fangirls, we’re only a few chapters away from the halfway mark of season/volume one of Heroes. So let’s dive in to chapters six and seven. Remember, spoilers are abound.


Chapter six, “Better Halves”, is going to answer some Niki questions. In fact, it’s her voice who says “Previously on” this time, a clue as to us finally getting some answers. As we remember, Claire wants to find her birth parents, DL, Niki’s husband, is hiding in his house, and Future!Hiro comes and tells us Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. Chapter six opens in Isaac’s apartment, where we last saw Isaac and Peter speaking to Hiro and Ando over the phone. Peter tells Ando and Hiro the message that Future!Hiro gave him, but they don’t know who the cheerleader is or how to save her. Peter tells them to come to NYC so they can all figure it out. Peter arranges Isaac’s paintings like a comic book and discover one is missing and that Simone has it.

Claire is baking with her mother and grabs a hot tray without gloves, clearly well adapted to her new powers. HRG shows up weary and tells them he has found Claire’s biological parents and they want to meet her the next day. HRG is so sweet to Claire and his family, it’s hard to imagine and see him as the mysterious almost monster that he can be.

Niki and her son Micah are sleeping when Niki gasps awake. She wanders around her house, nervous about her husband the supposed murder. She looks in Micah’s room, and he is standing right behind her. She is clearly afraid of him and threatens to scream and bring police in. She tells him its not a good idea for him to be here. He misses his family and his home. The police knock on her door and DL tells her to get it while he checks on Micah. She tells the cops that nothing is wrong, and though they sense something is wrong, she assures them she is fine. DL is behind her again when she shuts the door and she demands answers. He tells her he planned a job to steal 2 million dollars from Linderman. He says that he stepped out when he realized the money would be stolen from Linderman but someone who knew the plan and the people stepped in, succeeded, killed his crew, and made off with the money. He knows it was a woman and that he knows someone who just cleaned the money.

Claire is talking to Zach about how she’ll find out if they have powers like her. He’s sweet and a great friend to Claire, it’s a shame (spoiler alert) that he isn’t in the show past the halfway mark of the first season. He admits that he likes her as a “freak” and that it makes her special. He asks if she’ll tell her parents who raised her about her powers and she says no way.

Hiro, who has discovered that he has a sword in the future, is being adorable and making lightsaber noises practicing his sword moves. Ando is worried about everything, wondering if NYC will explode when they get there – Hiro assures him if they make it it won’t – and Hiro tells him that this is as much his heroic journey as it is Hiro’s, that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero. As they leave, a black SUV blocks them. It’s some men they cheated in the casino and he wants them to cheat for him.

DL and Niki begin fighting about becoming a family again and how that could ever work after what happened. Niki lets him stay the rest of the night but he has to leave the next morning. She tells him that after he left she became someone else. He thinks she means how she made money, and she doesn’t correct him, even though we know what she really means.

Hiro and Ando are trapped by the gamblers, their heroes journey on pause for now. Hiro and Ando discover guns under the table and panic. In the bathroom, they hear noises and screams. Hiro tries to use his powers to stop the killing but it’s too late and he feels defeated. Ando tries to reassure him by saying there is his journey to save the world, and that maybe someday he can use his powers for a do-over with this one event. Hiro feels better after that.

DL and Niki wake up together, and we get a glimpse of their married life. DL tells her he heard her getting up in the night, but she has no memory of it. She looks in the mirror and sees herself, DL, and on DL’s other side her other self. DL has no idea what she sees, and Micah runs in as he realizes something is off with her.

Mohinder and Eden are in his apartment as he packs to leave, telling her how he believes nothing Peter told him. Eden says he can disbelieve as much as he wants, but that he’ll be back because his work isn’t done.

DL and Micah are eating breakfast and he seems to be a great dad. He asks Micah about Niki, and Micah asks how he escaped jail. DL says he walked out and that he has a secret just like Superman. He seemingly has a power like many other. Niki is afraid that he’ll run away again, and he assures her he won’t and that he’ll prove it. He takes her to the man he was supposed to meet, only for us to discover that they’re the gamblers who trapped Hiro and Ando…and they’re dead. On their way, they encounter a locked door. A siren distracts Niki (and the camera) and when we turn back to DL the door is not locked, further adding to his mystery. Back at home discussing the murders, Niki reveals the men murdered in her garage – they were all killed the same way. She thinks it was her and he can’t believe it was, thinking they’re both being set up. He wants to find the person who is setting them up. Niki goes to help Micah find his backpack and encounters her reflection self…and then appears in new clothes sitting on the couch, having lost her memory again. In her room, she openly confronts her reflection and discovers her reflection was the one who framed DL and did everything else. Her reflection says they have to take Micah and the money before he finds out and takes Micah from her.

Claire and both sets of parents are having a lovely awkward meeting, no one knowing what to say. Claire tries to discreetly find out if they are special like she is (hint, they’re not). HRG and his wife, having left them all alone, are eavesdropping on the conversation. He gets a call from work, and it’s….EDEN. She is working for or with HRG and he makes some illusion to her being able to persuade Mohinder to stay. She fills him in on everything, including Save the Cheerleader, which gives him pause. He tells her to bring in Isaac.

HRG walks out, as Claire calls them, the “bio-parents” and we discover that he set the whole thing up, that they aren’t really her parents. Claire is disappointed by the meeting, not getting the answers she was looking for. Her mother tells her that when she was a baby they thought she had something wrong with her chromosomes, and just as Claire is interested, her mother dismisses it.

Niki, having listened to her reflection, gets the money, but DL finds her. Niki tries to explain the reflection to him but he doesn’t understand. As he threatens to take Micah, she changes and knocks him across the room. Here DL reveals his power…walking through walls. He shifts his hand inside her, making her collapse, and he takes Micah. Back in NYC, Eden does some capturing of her own, showing up at Isaac’s door.

Chapter seven, “Nothing to Hide”, opens with Peter back with Simone’s dad, who is awake and talking. Peter tells him he can fly, and when her father says show me he runs out to the balcony and flies over the city…and then wakes up to his doorbell. Simone is there upset, and says her father has died. Zach comes to Claire and tells her he found the tape in his room, when we know that HRG had it. Claire and Zach are sweet friends and are left to take care of the house and her little brother. Her brother finds Zach’s backpack and the tape. Niki is lying in her room after the fight with DL. She goes looking for Micah, who is not there. She speaks to her reflection, asking for help.

Matt and his wife are good, and as he’s ready to tell her about his power, he hears that she has a secret of her own. In NYC, Simone and Peter are at Isaac’s cleaned out place; no paintings, no Isaac. Simone says she spoke with her father and that he said the world was dark and terrible but Peter and other special people like Peter were out there and they would save the world. Simone connects this back to the painting that Peter and Isaac were missing. She reveals that she sold it to Linderman. Enter Nathan trying to pick campaign posters and his mother says she has set up a family brunch with a reporter. He says he will not use his family for political gain, even though he did it to Peter. His wife says she can help him by showing that they are a stronger family after whatever happened that left her in a wheelchair.

Matt and a friend at the precinct are talking when Audrey comes in and gets Matt to go find Sylar, who has killed again. Claire finds that Lyle, her brother, is watching her tapes. She tries to write it off as special effects, but he grabs a stapler and proves that it wasn’t. He tries to run away and Claire and Zach corner him in the car.

Matt and Audrey discover a finger print seared to the bone of the latest victim of Sylar. It leads them to a Ted Sprague, who they believe is Sylar. Micah and DL are driving away, leaving Niki behind. Micah tries to convince his dad to be a hero and not a bad guy. Niki confides to Tina everything that started six months ago and that the reflection is called Jessica. DL and Micah come across a car accident. DL jumps out to save the woman trapped in the car. Hiro and Ando arrive at the accident as well and protect Micah while DL uses his powers. Hiro goes to help DL out, freezing time just as the car explodes. He grabs DL and the woman and bring them to safety. Seeing the heroes working together is incredible, even if they don’t fully realize it.

Nathan and the family begin brunch. Nathan’s wife tells her story to the reporter, and we find out Nathan was driving when the accident happens. Peter arrives, apparently uninvited and unaware of everything. Nathan and Peter go inside and Peter asks him to get the painting from Linderman. Nathan says no and Peter threatens to expose them to the reporter. Peter joins the brunch, acting quite normal under Nathan’s glare. The reporter reveals the cheating with Nathan, but Peter covers for him using the mental health story Nathan made up a couple episodes ago.

Hiro and Micah are discussing comic books, specifically the one about Hiro. Hiro tells Micah about his powers, his English growing. Ando tells DL he called the police, and as he and Micah leave Micah wants him to keep being a hero. DL says they can’t go back to Niki and leave Ando and Hiro.

Lyle threatens to expose Claire and she and Zach convince him to keep it a secret by Claire telling him he can never tell their parents for fear they wouldn’t be a family anymore. Matt and Audrey show up at Ted’s place and discover radiation throughout the house, along with various charred objects. They find a room that looks like a bomb went off and no Ted. Matt tells her that he doesn’t think that Ted is Sylar. They track Ted down at the hospital where his wife is. Ted reveals he did kill the latest victim and also reveals his radioactive powers, alluding to exploding like an atomic bomb. Matt uses his powers to calm Ted down and they take him in.

Niki calls Nathan asking for help and Nathan dismisses her as his wife comes into the room. She is determined to walk again no matter what. Nathan is then on the phone with Linderman about Peter’s painting; he can get it from Linderman. He goes to Peter and tells him that he can’t get it, possibly thinking he’s protecting Peter, possibly trying to make everything go away. Niki is angry and smashes a mirror, and then she’s Jessica and she’s ready to protect Niki.

As Ted is being processed, we see he has the same markings that HRG and the Haitian left on Matt. We hear that Audrey and arranged for Matt to retake the detectives exam without worry of his dyslexia. Matt reads the mind of his friend and discovers his wife’s affair with him. Micah sneaks out of the hotel room he’s in with his father and finds an out of order payphone. With a touch, he gets it working again and dials homes, clearly revealing he has his own powers. Micah is talking to Jessica and knows it, asking for his mother Niki. He tells Jessica where they are so that she can come find him. DL shows up and grabs the phone, taking him back inside.

I’ve really forgotten how much happens in the episodes of season one. I completely forgot we find out about Micah’s power this season. It becomes so much more important in later seasons that it slipped my mind. As I’ve said in a previous post, I remember some of the basics of the series but I clearly didn’t remember everything. Next time, two of the most important chapters, and then my second favorite episode of the season.









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