Heroes Rewatch: Seven Minutes to Midnight, Homecoming, and Six Months Ago

Here we go, chapters eight, nine, and ten. Ten is my second favorite episode of season/volume one. So let’s go. Usual warning of spoilers ahead, and these ones get big.


Chapter eight, “Seven Minutes to Midnight,” opens with Monhinder back in India to scatter his father’s ashes. He finally mourns his father. Isaac and Eden are together in a facility. Eden is getting Isaac clean of everything and reassures him he’ll still be able to paint the future. She reveals that she went through something similar to his situation. Eden wanders through Isaac’s paintings and finds one of a waitress, who we see in a diner in Texas. She is planning a trip around the world, and she seems to have either a photographic or eidetic memory that she says just started. Hiro and Ando are in the diner discussing their mission to save the cheerleader. Hiro’s English is getting better, and the waitress knows quite a bit of Japanese. She and Hiro began to bond; they’re both incredibly adorable. But someone else is there…Sylar, hidden in shadow. Remember, we still haven’t discovered his identity.

Mohinder does not plan to return to America. It seems he might restart his life in India, the possibility of a new job and maybe a love interest, but of course fate has a different plan. As jetlag catches him and he falls asleep, he actually falls into his own memories. He see a fight with his father over the research and moving to America. Next he sees his parents discussing the move, something that seemingly cannot be a memory. A soccer ball rolls in and there is a child in shadows. Mohinder tries to talk to him, not knowing who he is, but he wakes up instead. Later, when Mohinder enters his office, he finds the child. He chases him and it leads him to another dream, witnessing Sylar kill his father. The child is there with him and tells him what he needs to do next. Mohinder finds a file about the child hidden away.

Matt deals with the aftermath of hitting another member of the police force, but continues to work with Audrey. They discuss Ted, the radioactive man. They try questioning him, but his radiation spikes easily. Matt, in a moment of panic, reveals his power, and Ted tells him he was taken by HRG just like Matt. Ted escapes custody, and Matt and Audrey need to find him once more.

Hiro and Charlie, the waitress, are bonding as Ando watches. She is learning Japanese very quickly. He almost tells her about his power, but decides not to yet. They clearly like each other and they are seriously the cutest couple you could ever imagine. We flash to Sylar again, and I never noticed that this is where they begin to show his face, even though it’s still pretty hidden. He’s watching Hiro and Ando and Charlie. We follow Charlie to the back storeroom, where Sylar kills her. Something I love is they play ticking when Sylar is seen or involved, and that gets explained later on. Obviously, this death breaks Hiro’s heart. He decides to go back in time to try and save her. He tells Ando he’ll be right back, but what Ando doesn’t see on the memorial wall as he waits is an image of Hiro with Charlie on her birthday.

HRG arrives at Primatech Paper, which isn’t completely for paper. In his office are the paintings and Eden, discussing Isaac. She says he’s clean, and HRG finally meets him. HRG reveals he needs Isaac’s help. He reveals that Isaac has painted his daughter, and that her death that he’s painted is happening the next night. He tells Isaac about Sylar, and that’s what he needs from Isaac. He needs Isaac to reveal where Sylar is. HRG tells Isaac about how he came to adopt Claire, and he clearly wants to protect his daughter.

Claire has come to visit her dad at work needing paper for a banner at homecoming. As they walk together, Eden comes for HRG. He sends Claire to another room, and Eden reveals Isaac is having issues painting. HRG gets drugs ready for Isaac and hands them to Eden, and we still don’t get to see her powers.

Chapter nine, “Homecoming”. It’s time to save the cheerleader and save the world. Or is it? The previously on covers basically everything that has happened so far in the series. We pick up day of homecoming. Jackie, the cheerleader who took credit for Claire’s fire rescue, looks down on Claire and Zach as friends. Claire and Jackie are up for homecoming queen, and Claire has won, securing the votes of Zach and his friends. Zach reveals he campaigned for her. He’s really sweet to her, even buying her a copy of Papa Suresh’s book. Jackie comes over and makes fun of Zach, so Claire punches her in the face (you go Claire!!). This leads to HRG grounding Claire to try and keep her safe.

What Isaac painted isn’t what HRG wanted. He wants Isaac to keep using even though Isaac doesn’t want to. He shows Eden what Sylar does to his victims, but Eden won’t relent on forcing Isaac to use drugs. He sends Eden to the high school to grab Sylar.

Nathan’s painting from Linderman arrives, and he and Simone look it over, with Simone revealing that Isaac can see the future. Nathan destroys the painting, never wanting Peter to see it. Simone has Peter come see the painting after Isaac has left, revealing she has a photo of it. It shows Peter lying under a homecoming banner, potentially dead. He knows he has to go no matter what. He calls Ando to tell him where the cheerleader is, but Ando doesn’t reveal that Hiro is gone.

Jessica, Niki’s alter, is practicing shooting, clearly planning to kill DL. Niki in the mirror is frightened by Jessica still. Micah still wants to go back to his mom, and even though DL still loves her he can’t. DL goes for a bathroom run and when he returns Micah is no longer there. DL finds him at a bus stop, and Micah tells DL about Jessica, something DL never knew before. They still believe Niki doesn’t know about Jessica, and decide to go back to help her.

Mohinder is still in India trying to figure out everything that is going on. The boy acts as a spirit guide, having powers like those his father was looking for. Mohinder takes the photo of the boy around town trying to figure out who he is. Mohinder finds him playing soccer with a group of other children and asks him about the dream walking. The child says he doesn’t choose who he visits, those with questions come to him. Mohinder asks what he should do, stay or go, and child says he already knows the answer. In another dream, Mohinder gets his answer and decides to continue his father’s work. He discovers a list of names and locations; who and where the special humans are.

Ando finally sees the photo and finds out Hiro missed his time travel target by a few weeks. Peter arrives in a cab and meets Ando finally. Ando tells him about Hiro’s travel and the death of Charlie. Peter shows him the picture of the painting, and tells Ando that he can absorb other people’s powers and that he doesn’t know how it works. Ando stays to wait for Hiro as Peter goes to his painted death.

Zach continues to be amazing and comes to see the grounded Claire, offering to help her sneak out. Claire resists a little, but gives in, offering Zach a chance to be her date. He wants her to embrace who she is just like he’s embraced himself and his inner freak first. Claire’s mother allows Claire and Zach to sneak out, angering HRG who can’t tell the truth about why he’s angry.

The first convergence of the heroes has begun. Peter wanders the halls and sees a shrine to Jackie as Claire crashes into him. Claire tells him that Jackie isn’t very special, but keeps the cover of her being the hero. Peter and Claire interacting is sweet; it’s easy to see them becoming friends if they both survive the night. Peter isn’t the only one interested in the shrine as Sylar stares into it. Jackie and Claire remain in the locker room as the power goes out and the attack begins. HRG waits where the painting showed Claire dead. Claire is nervous and tries to save Jackie, but it doesn’t work. Sylar kills Jackie before realizing it’s Claire he wants. Peter and HRG hear Jackie’s scream and run towards it as Claire runs from Sylar and into Peter. HRG finds Jackie as Peter and Claire run right into Isaac’s painting. Peter tells Claire to run and find a crowd and as she runs Sylar is there. They fall right into the picture Peter has, Sylar getting up and walking away while Peter is left to heal with Claire’s power. Claire sees him, amazed to find someone like her. Peter tells Claire to go find help, and they finally introduce themselves. Peter asks, “Are you the one? Saving you did I save the world?” and she responds, “I don’t know. I’m just a cheerleader.” Claire finds her dad and says they have to go back for Peter. She finally reveals her powers to her father. Sylar is escaping and finds Eden. His powers don’t work and she finally reveals her powers of persuasion. The Haitian knocks out Sylar, and the police arrest Peter.

Mohinder tells his mother that he is returning to the US. Micah tells DL that Jessica knows where they are, and Jessica is ready to shoot DL. Hiro arrives six months too early for Charlie’s death. Bad news for him, but great for us as the next chapter is “Six Months Ago.”

While the previous one takes us through the whole series again, as Mohinder discusses how and when this all started. We see and hear everything that has happened, and Mohinder proposes going back to stop the horrors from happening.

Flash to Hiro, who has just traveled in time to save Charlie’s life, not realizing he traveled six months in time. The picture from the previous episode is taken, and we flash to Gray and Sons watch and clock repair in Brooklyn. Here we meet a man who may seem familiar to some (hint: it’s Zachary Quinto launching his career) named Gabriel. He has successfully repaired a watch as Chandra Suresh enters. He notices that Chandra’s watch is off by two seconds. He claims he just has a talent for how parts should go and how things should work. He is meek and sweet, telling Chandra not to worry about the repair. Chandra reveals that Gabriel might be special and if he wants to pursue this to call him.

In Los Angeles, we see Matt pulling over Eden who has just stolen a car while drinking. Eden uses her powers to get out of trouble, convincing Matt to leave. As he does, Eden sees The Haitian standing in front of her. She is taken to HRG, and The Haitian blocks her power from being used. He plans to reform Eden and sends her to NYC to erase Claire’s name from Chandra’s list.

Claire is in her room when Jackie bursts in and tells her she can be a cheerleader. Claire isn’t as excited as Jackie, who continues to be bitchy. As they fight, Claire cuts her hand on glass. They leave for the emergency room as Chandra calls the Bennet household. Unfortunately, HRG answers.

Hiro finally realizes his timing was off by six months and fears attempting to teleport again. Hirp tries to call Ando, but gets his six month younger self instead, and hangs up. He begins working at the diner, improving his English. He buys Charlie the Japanese phrase book for her birthday. She picks up the language quickly, again having the memory power. He has told her about his power, but she doesn’t believe him until he shows her. He is desperate to save her, but the more they interact the more he falls for her. Hiro believes that she has a power like he does. Hiro makes her one thousand cranes, it is believed that if a person can fold a thousand cranes they will be granted one wish. He uses his powers to do this and gets them tickets to Japan. He is hoping she is now saved.

Niki is seen in Vegas at an AA meeting, revealing she is one year sober. In the meeting, she finds her father. It’s a rocky relationship, and he wants to make amends. She isn’t ready. She goes to the grave of her sister Jessica, and DL comes to her. According to the stone, Jessica died as a child. Niki tells DL about her father coming back. Niki thinks reconnecting will help get Micah into a better school and pay the bills. They get together with him, and he buys Micah a laptop. Niki asks her father for money for Micah’s school, and he agrees easily. Her father says he’s just happy she let him through the door, claiming to have done something terrible but Niki has no memory. He goes to check on Micah, who has taken apart the computer to see how it works inside. Her father gives her a check and then leaves. It is here Niki first sees Jessica in the mirror. Jessica comes to confront her father, revealing that he killed her. Jessica’s super strength comes into play as she strangles her father. Jessica reveals that she’s been with Niki since they were children, leaving when she thought Niki could take care of herself and returning when she realized she was wrong.

Peter is celebrating becoming a nurse and Nathan, his wife – who can walk – ,and his mother arrive. His father didn’t come, and Peter thinks that’s fine since he had no part in helping Peter. Nathan tells Peter that the DA wants him to prosecute Linderman, the greatest client for their father. If he gets taken down, so does their father. Peter talks him out of it, saying it would do nothing to help their relationship with their father.

Nathan and his wife Heidi are driving discussing the differences between him and Peter when a SUV rear ends them. Nathan in a moment of panic subconsciously flies out of the car, and the car hits barrels, causing the accident that paralyzes her. As Nathan is flying, Peter wakes up gasping and reaching out for something, just as Nathan was reaching for Heidi. Peter reveals that he knows there was another car, something Nathan hasn’t told the doctors or anyone. I am just realizing this is setting up a revelation in season three. Peter hasn’t met Isaac yet; he hasn’t even met Simone to know who Isaac is. So how can he be dreaming about what’s happening to his brother miles away? This is answered in season three; I won’t answer it now, but I’ll remember to when the time comes. Anyway, Nathan and Peter realize that it was Linderman’s car, and Nathan is told about his wife’s condition.

Gabriel visits Chandra, wanting the tests to be performed. Chandra will map out the brain to see if there is anything extraordinary. Gabriel tells Chandra that since he was a kid he wanted to be different, special, find a new name and a new life. He wanted to be important, and Chandra says that he is. Unfortunately, Chandra’s tests show nothing extraordinary, angering Gabriel. Chandra considers giving up on Gabriel, and he takes the name and information of another man on Chandra’s list, a telekinetic. As he leaves, HRG shows up, wanting to know what will happen to Claire. Chandra says he is unsure, that nothing may happen. Chandra wants to meet Claire, but HRG says that might not work. When he gets home, HRG checks Claire’s hand, seeing that it has healed completely.

Matt is about to take his second detectives test, and his friend – who he’ll punch in six months – has faith in him. But Matt has failed again, his dyslexia preventing him from passing once again. His marriage is going well, and his powers are slightly showing themselves.

Peter is ready to help Nathan take down Linderman when Nathan shows up and tells him their dad died of a heart attack.

Hiro is excited for the trip to Japan, and though Charlie wants to go, she tells him that her power isn’t a power; it’s a blood clot. She is already dying when he comes to save her, and she says that he did, saying she was ready to give up before meeting him, and he has made her happier than ever. She loves him, and as they kiss he teleports. His powers aren’t allowing him to get back to her.

Gabriel is in his shop repairing a Sylar watch when the man who’s info he took from Chandra’s apartment walks in. Gabriel adopts the name Gabriel Sylar instead of his Gabriel Grey. Brian, the man, shows his telekinesis and wants it gone. Gabriel doesn’t understand until he listens and says that Brian is broken. He understands his power now, and kills Brian to steal his first power.

Gabriel returns to Chandra, different and wielding telekinetic powers. He apologizes for his behavior and offers to help Chandra find everyone on his list. I’ll be honest, it didn’t take more than this episode for me to absolutely love Zachary Quinto. Yes, he’s amazing as Spock in the new Star Trek, but to see him play someone as insane as Sylar is incredible.

Hiro returns to Ando in the diner and tells him what has happened. Ando is thrilled to see his best friend, but Hiro still believes that he didn’t truly save Charlie. Hiro accepts that he can’t change the past, believing he has failed.

Another reason you should be watching and not just reading these is for Mohinder’s speeches in the beginning and end of each episode. They always fit and they’re always meaningful.

Ok, so that’s chapter ten. We know who Sylar is, we’ve saved the cheerleader, now we discover if we’ve saved the world.














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