Sparky Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

Hey Bathing Beauties!  If you’ve been keeping up, you know that every couple weeks I’ve returned to reviewing soap samples that I got from Fortune Cookie Soap ( a neat little company based in the midwest).  This week’s is Sparky!


Sparky is a sweet little soap that had my whole family trying to figure out the scent.  The first thing that came to my mind was toasted marshmallows, but my mother suggested caramel, and my stepdad added vanilla.  It definitely smells sweet, like candy, but it isn’t so confusing that I only worried about that.


This sample was smaller than any other I had received, so it really didn’t last very long at all.  I had it for 3 showers and 1 hand wash, which bummed me out because I got really into it.  The soap itself is clear, with some red and oranges flecks inside of it.  These flecks made me understand why it’s called Sparky; they were coarse (to exfoliate), but they made me feel like I was going to be ignited!

It’s a neat soap; I wasn’t sure how much I would like it, but as soon as I used it on my hands, I knew this was something I’d love.  That’s why I was so upset that it didn’t last as long.


I definitely recommend this scent and soap to everyone, but since it was a part of Old Fashioned Family Christmas, it’s all sold out, and probably won’t be coming back.  As much as I love Fortune Cookie Soap, I always get so bummed that the seasonal scents are usually just for one season, then are retired to the museum; never to see daylight again.

Though you can’t get Sparky on it’s own, you should check out the Soap Bar Sampler, and cross your fingers that you end up with Sparky in your box!  It’s a lovely and warm scent; one that’ll prepare you for the cold months ahead.










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