Catwoman 42

Forty-two is the answer, right? To life, the universe, and everything? Sadly, this issue didn’t really answer anything, it just brought up more questions. And though I’m getting frustrated with Selina Falcone, I’m glad she’s getting back into her catsuit more often.


In this issue, Ms Kyle-Falcone is strengthening her bond with Penguin, raising suspicions with Sionis, and playing snitch with the cops. It’s a pretty great combination. Her Falcone side wouldn’t be happy that she’s snitching her dirty cops to Detective Alvarez (as Catwoman), but I guess that’s just how it goes.


Catwoman also gets attacked by Spoiler, a character that she came into contact with in an issue of Batman that I didn’t read. They fought, Catwoman kicked her butt, and left her in the dust. But soon after, Eiko Catwoman came, suggesting that Spoiler come with her, so that they could work together. If this is going in a direction similar to Harley Quinn, where there are a gaggle of Catwomans, I may be totally into it.


Back at the Falcone residence, crap’s kind of hitting the fan. Many of the Falcone’s ally families are not happy with the “safety” they’ve been receiving. They feel unsafe, and that they don’t want to be working together anymore. Since Selina is still off in the Catsuit, it comes down to Antonia to deal with family affairs. She offers money, in thanks to loyalty. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes over with Selina.

As much as I want a gang of catwomen, kicking butt and taking names throughout Gotham, I know that’s not what I’m going to get. I feel like I’m stuck with Selina Falcone, and I’m not into her. I love that she’s so powerful; running the Gotham underground, but I’m not all that into the idea of her staying in a pantsuit over a catsuit. Its frustrating. I’m hoping I’ll start enjoying it again, or it’s going to end up off of my pull list.













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