Appdicted: Pokemon Omega Ruby

Okay, Fangirls, I know last week I spoke about how incredibly into my New 3DS I am, and I was going to wait to write about how in love with Pokemon I am, but I can’t. I’ve been playing it just about constantly (even though I try not to play it constantly), and it’s definitely become an addiction.


Pokemon is a game that I feel a lot of people got to experience when they were younger. In it, you befriend and capture these cute woodland critters to fight other adorable creatures, and ultimately take down some big bad jerks. To be honest, it sounds kind of messed up. But it doesn’t feel wrong, capturing and having these cuties fight for you, and I think a big part of that is the interaction you have with them.

I was lucky enough to borrow a DSi from someone to get a taste of Pokemon awhile back, but it didn’t really feel great to play it. I played it rarely (partly because of the graphics, and partially because it didn’t feel like they were my Pokemon, even though I started a new game and everything), so I didn’t get into it. But when I bought my New 3DS, everything about it was mine, and Pokemon was the first game I bought, so they were all my babies and that I needed to take good care of them.

The game starts with you choosing your character’s gender and name, and then your first Pokemon. I chose Torchic, which eventually evolved into Blaziken. She and I went forth and won a bunch of badges at gyms, made friends with other sweet Pokemon, and even traded sometimes (with the ever helpful TheThird RLM, who has been my guide through Pokemon). My Blaziken is the sweetest little lady (whose name is Firebabe, by the way), and we’re best friends.


I think the reason I feel so close with Firebabe (and my other Pokemon, who all have awesome names), is because of a part of the game called Pokemon Amie. In it, you get to pet your Pokemon, play games with them, and even give them treats! It’s really the highlight of the game for me, and makes me feel some real ownership and compassion for my sweet Pokemon children. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That they’re my babies? But I have this thing (that can be great and awful), called an addictive personality. Because of that, I have higher tendencies to dive face first into things, like Pokemon, and not come up for air. Because of this, I have been taking a lot of breaks in between playing Pokemon. I try not to push the story too fast (though I’m already at the final Pokemon, and I don’t want to fight him because he’s so sweet). And since I’m trying not to speed through the story, I spend a lot of time playing with and petting my Pokebabes, and it’s quite comforting.

Pokemon is an absolutely phenomenal all ages game, that I’ve found to be one of (if not the) most rewarding and enjoyable game I’ve played. There are ways to battle with friends via wifi, trade Pokemon, and even receive gifts from Nintendo (I got a shiny Rayquaza yesterday thanks to Nintendo!). It’s a great way to pass the time on long road trips and train rides, and also a neat way to spend days off. So if you’re thinking of getting a game for yourself or a nerdy cohort, grab some Pokemon and catch ’em all!













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