Comic Tie-In: Agents of SHIELD

My comic book reading and love only started just over a year ago, but with the size of my collection you’d think it’d have been longer. One of the series I have in my collection is a tie-in series to the TV hit Agents of SHIELD, the first television connection to the greater MCU.

I believe I’ve talked about how much I love the show a little bit, but let’s go into some detail. The show focuses on one team led by Agent Phil Coulson, who we all know and love from the movies. He brings together five people to be part of his own personal team who goes around the world and takes care of the unexplainable.

The show ties itself in with the movies several ways, sometimes small, sometimes on a much greater scale. The show has had two seasons already, and even though some fans think season started off slow and then most of the way through found its strength, season two hit the ground running and never stopped or slowed. Season two introduced so much, every episode was like a whirlwind of excitement and emotions. It was incredible.

One thing I keep wishing of the show that hasn’t happened yet is having the Avengers featured on it. It has their storylines and it has had Lady Sif and Peggy Carter, who are both amazing and I love them showing up. And it has mentioned the avengers, but they haven’t shown up. I really hope they do even briefly in season three.

Until then, however, I have the tie-in comics. They’re written by Mark Waid and feature most of the team from the show. But what they also feature, and what I truly love about them, are characters who can be seen in the movies and even with some who will never be seen in the MCU. Each issue finds the team working with one of the heroes from the comics. They work with Heimdall, Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel. But they also get to work with The Invisible Woman and some panels in issue 6 show the X-Men.

That’s what makes these tie-ins so important. We may never see the team work directly with the big heroes from the movies, and honestly as much as I wish it, that’ll be ok. But as long as this series continues we can see the team work with the big heroes and further become the big heroes themselves.

If you don’t watch the show, I do recommend it. It’s well written, well acted, and so incredibly done. But even if you don’t watch the show, you can enjoy the comics. It’ll introduce you to most of the team, and I don’t believe it spoils anything for the show yet. So you can easily pick up issue one and discover – or re-discover – the Agents of SHIELD.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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