Heroes Rewatch: Fallout, Godsend, The Fix, and Distractions

Alright, here we are at the second half of the first season. And there’s been exciting news on the Reborn front finally!! There’s a couple new trailers, some gif posters of each character still being released, and we finally have a date! September 24th, I will be in front of my tv reliving my Heroes happiness. It also means I have an actual deadline on this rewatch. So, without any further ado, let us jump into chapters 11 through 14.


Chapter 11, “Fallout”, picks up where Homecoming ended, with the addition of knowing that Zachary Quinto is Sylar. Recall, Mohinder has found his father’s research, Sylar has been captured, Matt has connected with Ted, Peter has been arrested, Hiro failed to save Charlie, DL took Micah and Jessica is hunting them, and Claire is telling her secret to her father.

We pick with Claire, who has told her father about her healing powers. And he tells her that he has known even before she knew, and that he never told her hoping to protect her. He says he has done things he isn’t proud of in order to keep her safe and to let her live a normal life. He assures her that Jackie’s killer is taken care of, but there are others who want her power. She can’t tell anyone who doesn’t already know. He’s such a loving father, to see him as The Company Man is difficult.

Matt and Audrey are on the Sylar case in Texas. They have Peter in custody but don’t believe he is Sylar. They discover there are new footprints and that Sylar had help escaping. Also important, Matt is taking pills for “headaches”.

Nathan has come to bail Peter out, and he seems like the same old Nathan – unbelieving and cynical. But it turns out to be just a dream as Nathan shifts into Sylar and Peter wakes up. He is questioned by Audrey and Matt, and he instantly picks up Matt’s power. As Matt tries to use it, there’s a sort of backlash and Peter knows what’s happening. Matt quickly discovers that Peter is one of them, but they won’t release him.

Jessica shoots DL in the shoulder and disables their car before coming to finish the job. Niki in the reflection seems nervous, and DL and Micah have disappeared. They’re running, DL still injured, and he tells Micah to back track the way they came walking backwards. They find an abandoned home, and DL shows Micah his powers. They discuss what’s going on with Niki/Jessica, DL still not completely believing the scenario. DL passes out from the blood loss.

Eden is on Sylar watch outside a super secure door. HRG comes to talk to him, and taunt him since his abilities won’t work in his cell. Zachary Quinto’s acting is so damn good as Sylar, and this scene between him and the calmness of Jack Coleman as HRG is fabulous to watch. Sylar knows that Claire is HRG’s daughter. Sylar knows how things work and what makes them tick, and HRG knows how to make Sylar tick. The orders of the Company are to keep him alive, even though HRG and Eden aren’t happy about it. Eden offers a solution, that she convince Sylar to end his own life, but HRG won’t budge. He leaves with the Haitian, but Eden isn’t done.

Mohinder returns to his father’s apartment, and as he talks to someone on the phone, he realizes it’ll be harder to convince people of the truth of the list without help.

Eden visits Isaac, who is finally back into his artwork but doesn’t believe he can see the future anymore. Eden has faith in his abilities. She tells him they saved Claire and have Sylar, and Isaac feels they can stop the bomb. Eden says goodbye and that she’s going off the reservation. She gives him a phone and a card.

Hiro believes that they failed to save the cheerleader, so now the world is in trouble. But they need to continue the mission to find Peter and Isaac and fulfill destiny. Isaac calls Hiro and says they need to meet. They finally do at a bus stop, and go to the diner. Hiro shows the future comic he has. Isaac tells them he can only use his power when high and asks about the future. Hiro reveals that he was dead there, but Isaac assures them Sylar is no threat anymore. Isaac realizes he can still draw the future and they combine their destinies to save the world. In a motel, Isaac begins painting the future again. But he painting reveals Hiro with a sword facing off against a dinosaur.

Audrey is interviewing Claire with her father present. Claire obviously doesn’t tell the whole truth, and as Matt tries to read their minds he is unable to. HRG knows that someone is there, and Matt confronts them directly, still trying to read their minds. He connects this time’s inability to the time he lost a day, and the Haitian is revealed. Claire goes to talk to Peter, and naturally HRG is there as well. He thanks Peter and basically says he owes them before going to wait outside. Claire talks to Peter about their powers, and they’re sweet together, clearly going to become friends. Peter is looking sickly and pale and is coughing.

Jessica continues to hunt, but when she finds DL’s blood stained jacket, Niki takes over once more. This time, Niki sees Jessica as a real being, not just a reflection. They argue about what to do from here, and Niki tries to regain control of her mind and body but fails as Micah calls out. She finds Micah and he takes her into the building, but it was a trap. DL and Jessica fight and Micah tries to break it up, but Jessica knocks him away. Niki regains control, but because DL doesn’t believe that Jessica and Niki are different he is reluctant to trust. But Micah knows the difference and embraces her. We see a glimpse of the family they were and could be again. Niki is afraid of Jessica, and DL finally starts to understand. Niki leaves them and turns herself in, thinking it’ll keep her family safe.

Claire meets with Zach and destroys the tapes. He feels bad because he thinks he put her in danger, but she says he shouldn’t feel bad. He promises not to say anything about her powers. When Claire gets home, the only one there is her brother. She talks to him about her powers, but he knows nothing. Lyle reveals he has no memory of getting home, and Claire is worried. She finds Zach again, and he too doesn’t know about what she can do. In fact, their whole friendship is erased. Claire runs away, frightened of what’s happening. Claire calls her father in a panic over Lyle and Zach not remembering, not realizing that it’s his fault they don’t remember. As they hang up, the Haitian comes out and says he was sent to make her forget like he did to her friend and her brother and her mother so often. The Haitian says he can’t make her forget though, that it’s important she remember but fake forgetting.

Matt and Audrey are staking out Primatech looking for HRG. They connect before HRG leaves with the Haitian. Matt recognizes the Haitian from the bar and tries to use his power to almost no avail. He hears one word; Sylar.

We get another scene between Sylar and HRG, just as wonderful as before even though it’s shorter. Seriously, I cannot stress Zachary Quinto’s acting abilities more. Fan. Tas. Tic. Eden calls Mohinder saying she’ll explain everything once she kills Sylar. She hangs up before Mohinder can say anything. Eden and Sylar had met before, connected by Chandra. Eden tries to use her power but it doesn’t work. His powers have begun working and he breaks her through the glass. He says (and I wanna try to quote), “You knew what I was and you let it continue.” He goes back into evil crazy mode and Eden kills herself before he can take her power. But let’s go back to that line I quoted. It’s simply thrown in there and said quickly, but notice the wording. It shows something, some part of Sylar, that never truly wanted to be a murder. But we’ll continue exploring that in later chapters.

Nathan breaks Peter out and as they leave he collapses and falls into the future. He is in NYC, abandoned. As he walks around he sees Mohinder, Micah, DL, Niki, Matt, Claire, Nathan, Simone, Isaac, Hiro, Ando. Everyone runs away from him except Nathan, and his hands raise to reveal the exploding man Isaac painting. And thus ends chapter 11.

Chapter 12, “Fallout”, opens with Peter in the hospital two weeks after collapsing outside of the police station. His mother and brother watch over him. Niki is locked away in prison for confessing to murders. She is in solitary confinement, apparently because Jessica has attacked some of the cops. Claire and her father are watching the news and getting ready for the first day back at school since homecoming. She is keeping her word to the Haitian about pretending to have forgotten. Let’s discuss the Haitian. He clearly has multiple powers and knows way more than any of the other characters realize. He can block powers and manipulate memories, impressive powers. HRG is back at work, where Sylar is hooked to a machine that is supposed to keep him neutralized, but he’s strong and fights against it. Matt and Audrey have authorized a raid on Primatech after Matt heard that Sylar was inside. He confronts HRG, but the Haitian is there and Matt is believed to have been wrong. Hiro is at the Museum of Natural History in NYC because the sword is there. They only  have three weeks to find the sword, which belonged to a man named Takezo Kensei and hopefully restore Hiro’s powers.

Simone comes to visit the comatose Peter. His family is worried and concerned, and his mother can’t sit by and let him die. Nathan and Simone discuss her choice about showing him the painting. Nathan wants her to take him to Isaac, and before they leave Nathan actually shows heart. At Isaac’s apartment, they find him back clean and sober. Nathan talks to him about the exploding man painting and Nathan tells him about Peter’s last words before the coma.

DL tries to take care of Micah, and Micah is comparing him to his mom. Micah tells him he got into a fight at school to defend his mother, and DL is proving himself a good father. A knock at the door reveals a man who has come to say that DL’s charges are dropped thanks to Niki, and he takes Linderman’s money back. But they are still under Linderman’s thumb.

Hiro reads about Kensei, but already knows about him from stories told by his father. Ando recognizes the symbol on the sword (it’s the same as the Haitian’s necklace and Jessica’s shoulder tattoo) and sees it is a combination of symbols that mean “Great Talent” and “Godsend”. Hiro plans to steal the sword, though he’s not exactly sure how. He’s terrified and sweet and adorable. I’ll always love Hiro. His power isn’t working right for him to get the sword; he only slows time down instead of stopping it completely. But he goes with it and takes the sword. Isaac’s painting is shown as he stands off against a dinosaur model. Ando finds Hiro outside far away and they discover the sword is fake and the real belongs to Linderman. Hiro and Ando come to Isaac’s apartment while Nathan and Simone are there. Hiro says that the sword is Linderman’s, and Hiro remembers Nathan from before in Texas.

Matt is still convinced that Sylar is in the building but no one else is believing him. Matt knows that HRG abducted him and others. Audrey ends their partnership, and Matt confronts HRG one more time. Jack Coleman is an incredible actor and I am SO glad he’s back for Reborn. 

Mohinder is talking to man from the bureau about his list and those Sylar killed. He tells her that Eden’s real name is Sarah Ellis and that she is dead. HRG is in Mohinder’s aparment when he comes home at night. They talk about Eden, and HRG wants to work with him to find people on the list. Mohinder refuses, not trusting HRG for very good reasons.

Niki learns that the death penalty will be sought in her case, and quickly Jessica takes over to talk to the lawyer. He sees her split personality and decides to take a new approach. Niki talks to DL and tells him she has to go to a shrink. Micah is there, and she tells him she hopes one day he’ll understand why she can’t be home. When watching, you’re really pulling for them to be one happy family again, that’s all you want as a viewer.

Claire is talking to the Haitian about her life and destiny, Save the Cheerleader Save the World. She wants to talk to Peter but he can’t allow it. He’s always been shown as intimidating and scary, but now getting to know him he’s sweet. He tells her he cannot give Zach his memories back, and that she is not alone in this though she may feel like it. She tries to force Zach’s memories back by recreating the first time she had him film her. She’s desperate to have him back as a friend.

Hiro and Nathan are discussing the bomb. Nathan finally seems to be coming around to the whole powers thing, but not completely. They have an adorable minute together – let’s face it, everything Hiro does is adorable. Nathan agrees to help Hiro in his quest to stop the exploding man, and Simone agrees to help Hiro get his sword.

This leads us back to Ted. Remember Ted, the radioactive man? He’s alone in the desert testing out his powers, which are growing quite a bit. So now we have a new contender for the exploding man.

Matt returns to his wife, who has been planning to move out. Matt says they need to be completely honest with each other and tells her about his power. She doesn’t believe him but he works to prove it to her.

Peter, in his coma, continues reliving the explosion and the vision. But now there’s something new. Someone new in fact, laughing and stealing wallets and choking Peter. Someone some of you may recognize as the Ninth Doctor, the wonderful Christopher Eccleston. Peter wakes up violently from his coma and then disappears without telling his family anything. He’s trying to get a flight out of the city, afraid he’ll explode. While on the phone he sees Eccleston and confronts him, not realizing that he is a new hero who is invisible. Peter has yet again absorbed a power and has no idea of it.

Wow, a lot happened in these chapters, a lot I didn’t remember. But as I watch I remember things coming up and I cannot wait for certain scenes. We’re meeting Linderman soon, we’re getting a lot more Zachary Quinto acting abilities, we’re getting to explore so much and I can’t wait.

Chapter 13, “The Fix”, begins with Peter and his invisible man. Peter tells him he has powers and tries to connect with him. The invisible man, who says to call him Claude Rains, tries to dodge him and tells Peter not to follow him or try to find him again. Niki is in a padded room in a straight jacket, and Matt is reconnecting with his wife by showing her his powers. HRG continues to watch over Sylar, ensuring he can hurt no one but also following the orders he was given not to kill him. Hiro is trying to make his power work properly again to no avail as they go off to find Kensai’s sword. Their mission is stopped, however, by men in suits and a dark van chasing them.

Nathan goes to Mohinder’s apartment hoping he can help find Peter. Mohinder and Nathan discuss the list. It contains thirty-six names of people with specific genetic markers that his father believed gave these people abilities. Peter’s, he says, can re-sequence to mimic those around him. If he absorbs too many power he might become a danger. Nathan hopes Mohinder can develop some kind of cure or something to help him. They end up working together to find him.

Peter finds Claude again on the roof of the building where Charles Deveaux lived. Peter wants Claude to teach him control over his powers, hoping he’ll be able to stop the explosion. Claude is incredibly resistant to helping Peter.

Zach and Claire are working together once again, trying to find any clues in her dad’s computer. HRG comes home and sees them together. They use the excuse of being lab partners in biology class, but he is obviously suspicious. Claire continues the ruse of not knowing anything, including forgetting that she and Zach were friends once. Claire uses a symbol, some wind chimes, to call the Haitian.

Matt has told his wife everything and he plans to take down HRG and the Haitian and everyone involved. He has to leave however for a review hearing for his behavior (remember when he punched his fellow officer?).

Hiro and Ando are hiding and frightened. They have a painting they must deliver to Linderman in order to get the sword. As they are running, Ando is grabbed and Hiro gives himself up, trying to save Ando. But they are both taken.

Niki wakes up with the straight jacket off and a new doctor. She (the new doctor) believes this is a simple case of multiple personality. But we’ve seen Jessica, she has super strength, and Niki believes that nothing the doctor will do can help her. DL and Micah are having a hard time living while DL doesn’t have a job. DL sneaks into Niki’s room, and they finally truly reconnect. DL plans to break her out, but she is convinced that she will be where she is the rest of her life. He leaves her there for now. Micah, meanwhile, uses his powers for…family help. He is the cutest child. I love that he’s back for Reborn. After DL’s visit, Niki is determined to get out for Micah and will do anything.

Claire meets with the Haitian and tells him she doesn’t know how she can keep living the way she is. She asks about her birth parents. He doesn’t know about her father, but her mother supposedly died in an explosion. He doesn’t want any more questions about it, but Claire is obviously not done. She and Zach find out that the explosion was real and that a woman, Meredith Gordon, and her 18-month old daughter died. But Claire, the child, didn’t die. So where’s her family? Claire continues the search in secret but no luck so far. She has a heart to heart with her father, one very different from before when she said she’d always be his little girl. She declares herself too old for this title. And he sees the wind chimes. Claire finally gets some luck, more than she expected. She ends up calling Meredith Gordon, not actually dead, and also a woman with the ability of fire starter.

Matt’s statement has the whole truth in it, everything about the powers and Primatech. He is asked if this is the statement he really wants, and he recants it, saying he made everything up. He gets a six month suspension as punishment. He feels like his life is falling apart, until Janice, his wife, tells him they’re having a baby.

Hiro and Ando are given two tickets back to Tokyo, but won’t give in. They are taken to – surprise – Hiro’s father, played by the great and incredible George Takei.

Peter is back home in his apartment when Nathan and Mohinder show up. Peter is planning to leave when Mohinder says he can help Peter. Peter doesn’t want to listen, believing he doesn’t have time. He runs away, and Claude saves him by hiding him from those watching. Back in Peter’s apartment, Claude finally agrees to help Peter. I love Christopher Eccleston. So many people didn’t like him as The Doctor, but I loved him then and I love him here.

HRG receives a phone call telling him that Sylar is dead. Guess what though? Yep, that’s right, not dead. HRG comes to check on him, but finds the doctor dead and Sylar standing behind him. The end of chapter 13.

Chapter 14, “Distractions”, brings us to Peter and Claude first. Claude says Peter’s powers only show up as a reflex and that he needs to learn how to control them and use them when he wants. Claude is going to teach him to file them away and pull them out only when necessary. Claude wants him to start by only using one power at a time. Niki is trying to work with the doctor by bringing out Jessica but she is frightened. The doctor says the goal is to integrate Jessica into Niki, to make two halves whole again. Niki travels down memory lane until Jessica wakes up, and then things go horribly wrong. Sylar is creeping behind HRG and uses his powers to escape, stealing HRG’s wallet first to get his address and find Claire.

Simone comes to Isaac’s apartment to check on him and his paintings. He has painted more of the explosion. Simone thinks Peter is still missing and has come asking if he has painted Peter. Isaac says that he can’t find him either in his paintings or his premonitions. He wants to find him to stop the explosion from happening. They both agree to keep searching.

Claire continues to use the biology project excuse so that she and Zach can go find Meredith Gordon. They find her address, and Claire starts to feel nervous. Zach is the voice of reason, and as he encourages her, he also leaves her there so she can’t escape. Claire and Meredith finally meet, both terrified but both so happy.

Hiro’s father has the painting that Hiro and Ando are meant to give Linderman. His father is not a happy man and wants Hiro to return home. Turns out the company Hiro and Ando worked for belongs to his father, who offers him high level jobs if he forgets his mission. Hiro still refuses and tries telling the truth. His father destroys the painting, and Hiro feels defeated.

Niki wakes up to find the doctor is near death. She is more frightened than ever. Back in her room, she is given clothes and told she is going home. Linderman’s lawyer shows up and says the charges against her have been dropped and that she is free to go home. She tries to refuse, but can’t.

Peter and Claude’s training leads to Claude realizing that Peter is too attached to the people in his life and that he needs to let go in order to unclog his mind and control his powers. Claude wants Peter to take him to Simone to see what she’s doing. Isaac, meanwhile, is painting landscapes of where Peter is but not seeing Peter himself.

Hiro and Ando try to repair the painting while Hiro’s sister tries to reason with him. She tells him the business is in trouble because of Hiro disappearing. Hiro is only a little swayed; he still believes in his mission and his powers.

Sylar is in the Bennet house as a Primatech employee when Mrs. Bennet comes home. He’s so damn creepy and such a great actor (Sylar, not just Zachary Quinto) when lying to Mrs. Bennet. Well portrayed villains are such a problem, I always love them more than I think viewers are supposed to. But really, it’s so hard not to love Zachary Quinto’s performance. Mrs. Bennet invites Sylar to stay for dinner, completely unknowing of his true identity.

Claire and Meredith’s reunion begins as a normal conversation, learning about each other’s lives. Meredith discovers that Claire is lying to her parents about being there, and this leads into the reveal of each other’s powers. Though Claire eventually has to leave, she asks about her father first, and Meredith doesn’t really reveal much but promises to tell her about him next time.

Mrs. Bennet and Sylar discuss various subjects, mostly Claire. He starts to reveal his creepiness and evil, sending red alerts in her mind. He shows his powers and tells her about Claire’s powers, fully jumping into evil and crazy. As he’s about to kill her, HRG and the Haitian arrive and save her. Sylar runs and HRG sends the Haitian after him. He returns without catching Sylar, and HRG has him erase her memories again.

Simone arrives at Isaac’s and finds a painting that leads her to her father’s building’s roof, where Isaac is waiting. They reconnect, and Peter and Claude see the whole thing. Peter blames Claude, and as Claude keeps pushing him, he throws Peter off the roof in hopes that he’ll fly. He doesn’t, and crashes into a taxi which kills him. But not for long, thanks to Claire. Claude finds Peter and says though the experiment didn’t work how he hoped but it still technically worked. Peter says that before he hit the ground he pictured Claire, and realizes Claude was wrong; instead of cutting out people he has to remember them. His powers go a bit haywire as he thinks of everyone, and Claude knocks him out.

Isaac finally finds Peter, realizing he can go invisible. He calls HRG, who reveals that he knows Claude and believed him dead.

Hiro has devised a plan. He fakes a horrible plan for the company he is one day to run in order to allow his father to see his sister’s business smarts, in the hopes that she will be given the positions he was offered and he may continue on his quest. The plan works, and Hiro and Ando are allowed to continue their quest.

Back at home, Micah asks Niki for a game night. But Niki isn’t exactly Niki. Jessica has apparently taken over completely.

Claire and Zach return home, and her mother believes she has ditched school, not remembering the discussion of the morning. Claire finds a piece of glass and knows something isn’t right.

Meredith is on the phone, talking to someone she hasn’t talked to in a while. It is Claire’s father, who turns out to be none other than Nathan Petrelli. And that is the end of chapter 14.

It’s amazing to me that I know what’s going to happen, and yet I still find myself holding my breath when tense moments happen. That is the true power of this show, and I love it. I still get excited by the twists, I still hold my breath when things get tense. I love everything about this show and this rewatch.






















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