Superman Red Son

Red Son PosterSo I know I am more than a little late in reading this but, I was recently referred to Red Son by a friend of mine and boy am I glad I read it if only for the twist ending.

Thats not to say that was the only good part though!! The whole thing was a treat for fans of the DC Universe.

It follows the alternate universe idea of “What if Superman landed elsewhere as a baby?” namely, Soviet Russia. I was sort of wondering why he landed in a different time period but, it is explained at the end.

It seems a lot would change. Lex Luthor would be a hero, Hal Jordan would be a POW, and Batman would be a freedom fighter. Wonder Woman, generally unchanged but, there is something of a spoiler for how she ends the series.Batman Red Son

I wont go into the whole storyline because, aint nobody got time for that but, I will include the SUPER TWIST ENDING after this lovely photo.


So in the end, Superman is defeated after he sacrifices himself and everyone thinks he is dead. But, the real wonder comes when he talks about the achievements of Lex Luthor and his lineage. Lex prolonged the human lifespan to 800 years and made all sorts of other amazing breakthroughs without Superman to distract him. In terms of his lineage, the last name starts to change and shorten until it is just “L.” Superman tells how Lex’s descendant, Jor had intelligence that surpassed even Lex’s, how the Earth’s sun had turned red, and his own powers had waned over the years and how eventually this red sun threatened to explode and destroy Earth. So, Jor-L and his wife, Lara put their new born baby, Kal into a pod and sent him back into Earth’s past so he would live a normal life and you see this very pod land in…you guessed it, Soviet Russia. Lex Luthor’s descendant is the very alien that he fought to end and considered his victory his greatest achievement.

CRAZY, RIGHT!? Even if you spoiled the series for yourself just now, I still suggest you read it because it is very good and if you have enough motivation you could read it all in a sitting.

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