Heroes Rewatch: Run!, Unexpected, Company Man, and Parasite

Alright everyone, we’re getting closer to answers about several things, the main topic – HRG. That’s right, soon we will have an episode all about him and his life as a company man. Sadly, that is not on the schedule for this post. Also coming up but not yet are fantastic scenes between Sylar and another character (which we may or may not discover who in this post I don’t honestly remember) and my favorite episode of the season. But, alas, not yet. This time, it’s chapters fifteen and sixteen, so let’s begin.


Chapter fifteen, “Run!”, takes us right back to where we left off, finding out who Claire’s biological father is. Surprise twist, it’s Nathan Petrelli, further connecting everyone. Turns out Meredith has some ulterior motives, slightly given to her by Nathan. He offers her money in exchange for silence and she takes it easily. Meanwhile, Claire’s family discover that her mother has been to a neurologist and is having issues, clearly related – as Claire figures out – to the Haitian’s powers. Jessica is covering up her tattoo to hide the fact that she has trapped Niki within herself. Matt has a new job as a private security man. Jessica receives a package from Linderman with a new target, the lawyer who got her out of jail, who is also being protected by Matt. Time to further connect our heroes.

Hiro and Ando return to Vegas to get the sword. They have two weeks to stop the bomb, and Hiro needs the sword. Hiro says that he and Ando need to hold on to hope.They find a woman crying, and it turns out her name is Hope. Hope is heartbroken because her boyfriend is horrible and she needs her stuff but she is scared. Ando offers to help her without talking to Hiro first. Hiro tries to argue that they shouldn’t help, and when they mention Linderman’s name she offers to help them get to him if they get her stuff. Ando really wants to be a hero like Hiro. He really starts out as a little annoying, but Ando does grow on you as a character. And he does get to be a hero in his own way.

Mohinder is trying to talk to the men and women on the list with no luck. He has a call from a man named Zane Taylor, who is clearly frightened. We meet Zane, and his house is covered in plastic with what appears to be paint everywhere. The bell rings and he answers thinking it is Mohinder. But no. It’s Sylar pretending to be Mohinder. And Zane just lets him in, too scared to question anything. His power – he melts objects with a touch.

Nathan talks to his mother about the Claire issue. He wants to fly down to her, but his mother won’t have it. Claire, meanwhile, is busted by her father for lying about skipping school. He grounds her and she begins to break away from him. Claire turns to Meredith in the hopes of meeting her real father but that isn’t going to happen. Meredith says that her father is unreliable, and she’s not really wrong. But she also only tells Claire that she can have a quarter of what Nathan really offered, and then says she’s going away for a while.

Matt’s new job doesn’t seem all that difficult. Of course, he has no idea Jessica is coming. That is until he reads the mind of the man the lawyer is dealing with. He uses his powers to protect and keep his job. Matt hears Jessica’s thoughts and plans to kill both of them. He runs with his client to keep them both safe. Niki tries to stop Jessica, and Matt can hear every bit of it. There’s a shootout and a chase and when Matt finally gets to confront Jessica, she tricks Matt into thinking Niki is a separate person. Jessica escapes and throws Matt out of the window before killing her target. Luckily, Matt isn’t dead.

Hiro, meanwhile, discovers Hope is a liar and has to go save Ando, who stayed behind to keep looking for the bag. Hope punches Hiro and catches up to Ando with her things, telling him that Hiro has abandoned him. Hiro is locked in a closet and the man who Hope wanted her things back from turns out to be a state officer.

The next time we see Mohinder, he is at Zane’s house. And guess who’s playing Zane? That’s right, everyone’s favorite psychopath. But he’s not playing Zane quite right. He’s saying he’s fine with his power now, no longer afraid. He shows Mohinder his (new) power and a little Sylar slips through. Mohinder wants a DNA sample, something Sylar didn’t expect. He sneaks off and gets dead Zane’s DNA to further the rouse and Mohinder almost catches him. Mohinder warns him about Sylar (ahahahaha) and says he hopes to find everyone. “Zane” offers to go with him and help. God his acting is brilliant. I forget these things but ugh so good.

Nathan has not listened to his mother and has gone to see Meredith. He wants to meet Claire, and Meredith believes she has left, though she is truly hiding under a window listening to everything. Nathan’s hard shell is crumbling, and though he truly wants to meet her he says he can’t and leaves.

Matt’s boss has left him a sack of diamonds. Claire returns home to find her mother has had a complete memory loss, forgetting her own dog and her own daughter. Jessica receives another package, this time a hit for Nathan. And that is the end of chapter fifteen.

Chapter sixteen, “Unexpected”, finds us back with Ted. Remember Ted? Radioactive and all around unsafe human being? He gets a message on the computer though there is no internet connection. The secret message says they know what happened to Ted at the Company. It is a woman named Hanna, played by the amazing Stana Katic, and she can access the internet in her mind. She wants his help finding the people who took them.

Flash back to Claire dealing with her mother’s complete loss of memory. Her dad isn’t home, and when Claire grabs Lyle her mother is fine. HRG is away at Isaac’s apartment learning about Peter Petrelli with the Haitian. HRG gives Isaac a gun in case Peter comes to him.

Matt has a ton of diamonds and no idea what to do with them. He and Janice had reconnected well since the pregnancy announcement. Janice tells him that Mohinder called for Matt regarding his powers. HOLD ON I JUST SAW A NAME ON THE GUEST STAR LIST I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT EVERYONE OMG EVERYONE sorry, time to keep watching, we’ll get there when it’s time.

So, Mohinder and “Zane” are somewhere at a car garage looking for a new person. Mohinder is still blind about who Zane really is at this point, but he’ll figure it out (remember above I mentioned an interaction coming up? Yeah, it’s Mohinder and Sylar, and it is great…in a couple of episodes). They meet a woman named Dale who clearly has a power involving hearing. She is resistant and Sylar jumps in to help Mohinder convince Dale. And it works. He looks so innocent and sweet, why is Zachary Quinto such a great actor and how could I have forgotten this. She can hear things far far away. She hears Sylar’s heartbeat racing. He covers but really we all know what he’s thinking.

Hiro, having been caught by a state gaming commissioner, tries to talk his way out of danger while also wanting to go and find Ando. He’s growing so much while staying so sweet. He’s convinced the big scary man to take him along to find Hope and Ando. Big and scary tries to convince Hiro that partners are useless and that Hiro doesn’t need Ando. Ando, meanwhile, learns that Hope is a liar and has used him.

Peter and Claude are training, which involves Claude hitting Peter a lot to try to get his powers to work. And it actually works. So Claude naturally continues the method. Isaac, meanwhile, lies to Simone saying Peter has left the city. Claude and Peter talk about Claude’s life until they’re interrupted by HRG and the Haitian. Peter flies himself and Claude away to safety. Claude blames Peter for HRG finding him and then figures out Isaac helped them. He has marks like Matt and Ted and Hanna, and then he abandons Peter.

Mohinder is still not suspicious and I wanna just scream at him that he’s an idiot even though he doesn’t realize it. Mohinder tells “Zane” about his father’s murder and damn Sylar is good, acting like he wasn’t there and that Mohinder should have justice. And then he slips a bit into Sylar-mode. Mohinder is FINALLY becoming suspicious.

Claire is on again, worried about her mother. She knows what’s causing her mother’s memory issues and tries to tell her mom but her mom does not believe her, as usual. Her mother collapses unconscious. She calls her father (who we just saw attacking Peter and Claude) scared to tears. and HRG goes home.

Matt finally tells Janice about the diamonds, which leads to another fight which then leads to her admitting that his powers have changed things. The phone rings and it’s Ted. He and Hanna want his help finding HRG. The marks are trackers, but if that were true why couldn’t they find Claude sooner? Matt wants to forget everything, but Ted convinces him to help.

Simone wants Nathan to go public with the knowledge of powers, and Nathan says this is a bad idea. If he were the one learning about this, he says, he’d round them all up and stick them on some island, which is some nice foreshadowing for an episode and half of season three.

Hiro and the big scary man find Ando and Hope, and Ando is shot in the shoulder. They run away and let the two of them have their shootout. Hiro says he shouldn’t have brought Ando, but Ando regrets nothing. Hope comes to kill them but Hiro stops time and saves their lives, though he doesn’t believe it.

Dale is alone in her shop and Sylar shows up. She claims not to have heard his footsteps and he says there weren’t any. What the hell powers did the writers think he had? He can’t teleport or anything. He never does it again, so why? The next day, Sylar is afflicted with Dale’s powers, he can’t control them. Mohinder finds her body and tries to call 911 but Sylar talks him out of it.

Claire’s mother has a hemorrhage on her brain. Claire tells the doctor about the Haitian’s powers, but the doctor naturally doesn’t believe her. HRG comes and says she’ll be ok, but Claire is still angry at him, blaming him for making the Haitian use his powers. Claire reveals that she never forgot anything. He is broken up for what has happened to his wife and for his daughter hating him. Jack Coleman is a brilliant actor. He can be so creepy and yet so sweet as a family man.

Hiro tries to convince Ando to go home, not wanting him to get hurt any more than he has been. He leaves Ando with the car AND GETS ON A BUS DRIVEN BY STAN LEE REMEMBER I YELLED EARLIER I FORGOT HE HAD A CAMEO AND I LOVE THAT HE WAS GIVEN ONE OK ok I’m done. Hiro leaves Ando there, end of that story for this episode.

The Bennets return home to find Ted and Hanna and Matt there. HRG is terrified, and though he wants to save his family they won’t let him.

Isaac is painting and he ends up painting Peter standing right behind him. Poof, there’s Peter and they fight. Peter is fully in control of his powers thanks to his anger at Isaac for driving Claude away. Isaac threatens to shoot Peter, and this is an unfair fight since Peter has way more powers than Isaac. Isaac shoots blindly since Peter is invisible, and he kills Simone. And we see the end of chapter sixteen.

I can’t wait to continue.

Chapter seventeen is called “Company Man” and it is all about HRG. We’re gonna find out so much about him in the next 42 minutes. We’re also gonna say goodbye to Claude after this episode, and I’m fairly certain I forgot to point out Zach’s last episode, but honestly I cannot remember is he comes back. Which is really disappointing as the writers had so many ideas for his character and we didn’t get to do much with him. They try to bring in other Zach-like characters but none of them are really as good as Zach.

Ok. Done rambling. Onto the episode. We open right where we left off, with the Bennet house being taken by Ted and Matt. The family dog, Mr. Muggles (has he been mentioned on here before?), notices and barks and honestly he’s way more observant than most of the Bennet family. Ted and Matt are poking around the house until the family comes home. Matt really doesn’t want to take them as hostages but Ted is pushy and forces him into it. HRG puts on a good show but Ted is very hot headed and constantly threatens to use his powers.

And the first flashback. 15 years ago. HRG is hired by The Company and he’s eager and willing. The Company policy, which we could have guessed, is One of Us One of Them – one normal and one enhanced. His partner, Claude the invisible man.

And we’re back to the present where Ted and Matt are telling his family everything that’s happened to them. Claire, as Matt finds out, knows everything and tells Matt everything she can through her thoughts. HRG continues to deny things and Ted’s anger takes over until Matt calms him down. Matt takes Claire by herself, leaving Ted with the family. Matt tells Claire that they need to work together to keep the family safe. Matt and Claire find a connection in Peter Petrelli. Matt figures out her abilities and she asks if HRG did this to her, since Ted and Matt believe he gave them their powers.

Flashback #2. HRG wants to know what’s going to happen to the baby. Clearly, we know what’s going to happen. What we don’t expect is George Takei and young child Hiro. George Takei entrusts HRG with the baby. HRG doesn’t think he’d be a good father, but he really is, except for all of the lying. He is told that if she manifests powers, the Company will take her. And HRG agrees. Then.

Claire is fighting with HRG and Matt and Ted are arguing. Ted is planning to destroy everything and everyone if things don’t go well. HRG sends Ted away and pulls out a hidden gun. Ted loses control and threatens to kill Mrs. Bennet. Claire offers herself to be shot, and HRG agrees, telling Matt to do it. And he listens. HRG and Matt start working together to get Ted to calm down. They move her upstairs so she can heal. HRG tells Matt that he didn’t do this to anyone, and he tells Claire everything he’s done has been to protect her from the people he works for. He wants to stay hidden and he wants Matt to do everything he thinks.

Matt tells Ted that what they want is at the paper factory. Matt says he’ll stay with the family, but Ted refuses, sending Matt with HRG. Ted has completely lost it.

14 years ago, HRG tells his boss that his wife is suspecting something. His boss introduces him to the Haitian. They believe he’s mute, because he wants them to believe it.

Matt and HRG are at the factory. HRG wants to take Ted out to save his family. He tells Matt that the Haitian is coming. Ted is playing with his powers in front of the family. As HRG and the Haitian come together, we find that he knows the Haitian isn’t mute, and he asks who else knows about Claire. But the Haitian is trustworthy and told no one. The Haitian says that someone in Claire’s life wanted her to remember.

7 years ago, Claude and HRG are supposedly looking into a security breach. It’s Claude, who has been hiding an enhanced. Claude brings up Claire, saying that though he says he’ll follow orders and turn her over when the time comes he won’t be able to. HRG wants to know who Claude hid before he “kills” Claude. And thus ends Claude’s time on the show.

HRG wants to keep Claire out of everything, but Matt insists that no one will be safe until Ted gets what he wants. Ted, meanwhile, hears a noise upstairs and checks. Claire sneaks into the house to free her family. Ted finds out Claire’s secret and isn’t too happy. Lyle escapes but Mrs. Bennet goes back for Claire and finds out her power. Ted ties them both up, and Claire and her mother bond a little. Mrs. Bennet FINALLY GOD FINALLY sees her husband for what he is but still loves him. Ted realizes that Matt and HRG have been working together as they return. HRG is risking his life to protect his family and Ted’s hot head finally stops.

The Haitian takes HRG’s family out of the house. Lyle has called the police. HRG says they didn’t make him, and there is no cure. HRG’s boss appears and shoots Ted, setting off his power. HRG won’t leave; he has a sedative for Ted. Matt tells Claire where he is and she goes in to save him. HRG can’t get to Ted, and Claire takes it to stop him. Matt comes back and grabs HRG and Claire saves the day. She reveals her powers to HRG’s boss, his worst fear.

HRG tells his boss that the Haitian was hiding Claire to protect everyone. They’re holding Ted in sedation for now, and Matt is also under observation. His boss wants Claire brought in. HRG takes her to the place where he “killed” Claude and they reconnect, not knowing when they’ll see each other again.

One last flashback. Claire helping him pick out the glasses he now needs, and the moment he tells her she is adopted. Jack Coleman is incredible. I’ve said it before, I know, but I will continue to say it as long as he is amazing. She picks out his horn rimmed glasses, and HRG is truly born.

On the bridge, the Haitian meets them. His role, shoot HRG and take Claire to safety. He doesn’t want Claire to see or hear this moment. She hugs him one last time before the Haitian takes any memories that would lead them to Claire. I’m crying, everyone. I knew this ending and I’m still crying. Oh, right, that’s the end of chapter seventeen. Ok, gotta compose myself. Chapter eighteen is another favorite, and I wanna pay attention.

Alright, how are we after these emotions? Ready to go? Ok, chapter eighteen, “Parasite”. Back to seeing everyone. Sylar is with Mohinder, Hiro sent Ando home, Jessica and Nathan are connected by Linderman, Isaac killed Simone, and everything from last episode. Got it? Good. Back to Isaac and Peter and the now dead Simone. Isaac blames Peter and keeps trying to shoot him but Peter escapes. Hiro arrives in Vegas to get the sword but things don’t go as planned. HRG remembers nothing of the attack on his home and all he wants is to find Claire. His boss won’t let him go find her, but a no won’t stop him. They have Matt reading his thoughts just in case, and Matt is not free to go. The Haitian and Claire are traveling somewhere unknown. He stops to make a call and she considers running from him, but not yet. He tells her they will leave the country.

The FBI shows up at Nathan’s office looking into Linderman and all of his connections. Turns out Nathan and the FBI have been working together to take down Linderman. They want him to wear a wire at their next meeting. Peter shows up in his office, knowing everything. Peter tells him what happened. Nathan agrees to help Peter and Peter almost agrees but he still fears exploding. As someone enters, Peter disappears.

HRG returns to the hotel that he and his family are staying at, and it turns out they all remember more than they let the Company believe. In fact, Mrs. Bennet and Lyle remember everything. And suddenly, she’s much more amazing than she’s been all season. HRG has a new partner, someone who’s power we don’t know yet. They’re off to NYC to help Isaac.

Mohinder shows Sylar the list, still apparently not realizing who he is. Ugh, this episode has some of the best Sylar scenes ever. But we’re not there yet. “Zane” offers to help Mohinder so that he can rest. Mohinder makes tea and drugs Sylar’s because the lightbulb has truly gone off and he has figured it all out.

Hiro is lost until Nathan finds him. These two are sweet together, and Nathan agrees to help him get to the sword. Nathan gets him in to see the curator, enough to get him to the sword. Hiro enters the archives and finds the curator, who seems to be a man of my own heart, looking after artifacts. Hiro gets the curator away and looks up the Kensei sword. Finally, it is his. Almost. The curator locks down the area and calls security. But it isn’t the security he expected. Ando has saved him and he gets his sword. He teleports both of them away into the future, setting up my absolute favorite episode of the season, which is not the next one but the one after, so we’ll get there.

Claire and the Haitian are leaving. Claire wants to go to Peter and hide in NYC, but the Haitian won’t allow it. But Claire is crafty and has hidden his information to escape and go to Peter. Claire shows up at Peter’s apartment but his mother is there and knows who Claire is. The Haitian is there, and it turns out they’ve been in contact this whole time. Claire finds out she is related to the Petrellis finally.

The NYPD show up at Isaac’s place asking about Simone. Suddenly, Simone walks through the door and Isaac is confused beyond belief. After the police leave, HRG comes in, and it turns out his new partner, Candice, can change her appearance. She’s obnoxious even though her power is impressive.

Micah and Jessica are playing a video game together, Jessica still pretending to be Niki. DL comes in and knows about the affair with Nathan, thanks to Niki breaking out of her cage. Ali Larter doesn’t get enough credit for her acting in this show.

Sylar wakes up to find Mohinder has cut off his abilities. He keeps pretending to be Zane for a little while, but Mohinder breaks the act. These scenes…if you see nothing else from this show you need to be these scenes. Sylar plays Mohinder with psychology and Mohinder uses his science to learn about other enhanced. He gets the key and says he can finally save them. Fangirls, the next speech by Sylar, about how he should deserve to be saved and isn’t he a victim too why can’t he be helped, I have watched it probably a hundred times. I. Love. This. Scene. I love the writing, I love the acting, I love everything about it. Even the soundtrack is perfect. Seriously everything is wonderful. I think this is when I truly began to love Zachary Quinto. I had appreciated his acting before this but this scene and this speech won me over. You need to see it, trust me. So, Sylar makes his speech, Mohinder tries to kill him, but his powers have returned and he is freed. He tells Mohinder that he wasn’t begging for his life, he was offering to spare Mohinder.

Nathan’s FBI agents are taken out by Jessica, and her next target is Nathan, who doesn’t realize they’re dead. She’s waiting in his room, but it isn’t Jessica. Niki is present to warn him and tell him what Jessica has done. Niki tells him he either needs to run from Linderman or take whatever deal he’s offered. Nathan has a third option – kill Linderman. Niki gives him her gun and has him knock her out to show Jessica she can’t be in control anymore. It’s time to meet Linderman. And he is played by none other than Malcolm McDowell. Linderman enjoys cooking and seeing people happy. Malcolm McDowell is brilliant, as ever. Nathan intends to kill Linderman, but can’t really go through with it, especially after he hears Linderman’s offer. He knows about the special people and that he’ll make sure Nathan wins and ends up in the White House. And since this is Nathan and not Peter, he can’t go through with his plan.

Isaac destroys his apartment looking for drugs and gets high again, then starts painting. And he paints his death.

HRG returns to his family and tells his wife he can’t go find Claire. He plans to stop the Company once and for all to keep his family safe. A phone call comes in and it turns out that his wife isn’t his wife, it’s Candice betraying him.

Peter arrives at Mohinder’s apartment to find destruction and blood that drips on him. Mohinder is on the ceiling and tells Peter that Sylar is there. Sylar grabs Peter and begins to cut open his head. And thus ends chapter eighteen.

Oh my god. Ok. Only about five more chapters for season one. We’re almost to season two, which is much shorter than the other seasons so it shouldn’t take too long. And next time, we enter my favorite episode ever. So until then, go find that one scene in chapter eighteen. Seriously. Go look for it.




















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