Dream Silk Comfort Cream

Fangirls, I’m a pretty sleepy lady. I don’t ever feel like I’m getting enough sleep, and a big part of that is that I have a lot of trouble actually falling asleep (and staying asleep). I know that there are reasons behind that; my mattress is old and lumpy, I don’t exercise enough, and I have depression, so no sleep ever feels like enough. Due to all of that, I’m always looking for nonmedicinal sleep aids that can help me. My mum knows this, so awhile back she bought me the Dream Silk Comfort Cream.


First of all, let me throw this out there: I don’t like the name. It feels goofy and hippy and not really what I’m about. But I’ll try just about anything once, so I did. And you know what, Fangirls? This lotion has become a part of my nightly routine.

The lotion relies on aromatherapy to chill you out and help you ease into a comfy sleep, while hydrating your body. For me, it works. It may be a placebo, but I’m content with that. It doesn’t necessarily make me pass out, but rubbing the lotion in and cozying into bed afterwards get me more relaxed, and less worried about the things I didn’t do that day. Since I’m more relaxed when I go to bed, I tend to get a fuller nights sleep, and wake up feeling more ready for the day.

Fangirls, I know aromatherapy is sometimes considered hippy bunk, but I’m into it. I’m relaxed by lavender, excited by eucalyptus, and I’m okay with that. This lotion uses lavender, which is how it chills me out. It’s also beyond soft and comfy, so when the bottle claims “liquid pajamas,” believe it. I already have lotions I use in my morning routine, so twice a day makes for some soft skin. Full disclosure: my legs are super soft and I love touching them.

Anyways. Fangirls, you should check this stuff out. It has become a requirement when I get ready for bed, and it soothes me enough to make me more susceptible to sleep. I need it, and I love it. Check it out!








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