Batgirl Annual 3

Fangirls, I’m usually not a huge fan of Annual comics. They tend to be unnecessary and just too much. They usually don’t add to the storyline at all, and cost money, so I always want to skip them, but I never risk it. With Batgirl Annual 3, though, I was really glad I read it.


The issue is about Batgirl, working to take down Gladius; a terrorist organization who has kidnapped diplomats from the United Nations, in hopes of obtaining a super secret blueprint. Batgirl works with an agency she comes across to make it through their HQ, and within the agency is Dick Grayson! He has a device that makes it impossible tell who he is; but when Batgirl sees his butt, she thinks it’s him, before remembering that he’s dead.


Batgirl then follows one of Gladius’ scientists and apprehends her, with the help of Spoiler (who is now kind of working for Catwoman). Se then meets up with Batwoman, and the two find Gladius with a Colonel (one of Kate Kane’s old leaders) trapped and afire. The two rescue the colonel and slow down Gladius, but she gets away. The colonel tells the lady Bats that the blueprints Gladius is searching for is at Gotham Academy.


Batgirl goes to Gotham Academy, and is helped out by Maps and Olive. Together, they find the blueprints, stop Gladius, and almost get caught by the GA Librarian! Batgirl includes Olive and Maps in Superhero Club, which Maps takes right to heart, and starts planning her costume right away.

This annual was so much fun, and included so many wonderful characters (mostly female, too!), that I enjoyed every minute of reading it. By the time I was done, I had a big grin on my face, and it gives me hope for future annual issues. If you’re not reading Batgirl already, you should really get on it, and we’ll chat about it next month!













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