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Between my day job, Super Art Fight, planning a wedding, and working on side projects I have a serious schedule issue. Slack is the one app I use to conquer it all.

The people that know and work with me know I can be grumpy and demanding. I like to know that things are working and to stay in constant contact with the people I trust the most. Yes, it’s true that a project doesn’t get done without the right people involved. However the people involved have to be smart enough to know when the process they’re using is out of date. For the longest time I was using email to manage communication between my team. Now everyone knows that email works and is a nice way to handle things here and there. The difference is if you’re working on a project and you’re 100+ emails into a project the idea of finding something from a month ago can be maddening. This is where Slack comes in.

Slack is more than an app, it’s the greatest communication tool you could use for managing projects with other people. If you’re one of those people that everything you do is solo, Slack might not be your thing. I on the other hand tend to work on projects with multiple people and getting them to all take time out of their day to meet up can be daunting. Slack is able to integrate with Google apps like drive and hangouts so you can already use the stuff that works more effectively.


With slack you can work out issues and make decisions as a group when you have the time. The basis of the app is simple. You create a “channel” that is basically a talking point. You then invite the people you want involved and start talking. The coolest part is you have the ability to “pin” important information to the conversation so things are never lost.


As you can see I’m pretty trusting of Slack. I’m seriously using it to plan my wedding. The second my fiancé and I got serious about planning I sold her on the idea of using slack. You can see above some of the channels we have. We’re using it as a way to manage the “to do” list and talk everything out. Can’t remember where you left off? Slack lets you pick up the conversation where you left it. No more questions about where you were and what someone said.

It allows you to upload photos, web pages, and anything else you can think of so there’s no reason you can’t get the point across.

Slack also allows you to work with multiple groups with one app. No signing in and out, you simply hit the “switch teams” button and select the team you want to start talking to.


My favorite part about slack is how seamless it is. Work from your phone, tablet, windows or mac, or anywhere you can log into the website. Everything will be there right where you left it. No more excuses. It’s time to get shit done.

The best thing of all?

It’s free.













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