Heroes Rewatch: How to Stop an Exploding Man

This is it, Fangirls. The season one finale of Heroes. That felt like it flew by; let’s hope the other seasons go that fast since I have just over two months left until Heroes Reborn. So, without any further ado, let us jump into chapter 23.


“How to Stop an Exploding Man” begins by recapping everything for us. Every important bit of the past season brought back to us to prepare us for the ultimate convergence of our heroes. And finally we return to Kirby Plaza, where Linderman shoots DL, Niki and Jessica become one, and DL kills Linderman. DL lays dying in Niki’s arm, the bullet not phasing. He tells her to go and save Micah, but she won’t leave him behind. They phase away to get their son. HRG and Matt kill Thompson and go to stop the tracker system, young Molly under Mohinder’s protection. HRG is almost set on killing Molly, but Molly recognizes Matt as he wakes up. Matt lowers everyone’s guns, holding to his promise to keep her safe. Hiro has to go and save Ando, who has gone to stop Sylar thinking that Hiro had given up the quest. His father believes saving Ando is a waste of time, but Hiro will not listen, needing to save his best friend. His father agrees by giving him the sword. Sylar is painting himself and Peter at Kirby Plaza for the final showdown.

Nathan, having won, fears the next step; allowing his brother to explode. He hears from his mother that Linderman is dead. She says this changes nothing of the plan. And he agrees.

DL and Niki get to the room where Micah is, and though Niki is afraid of going alone, DL tells her she is strong enough and she can do it.

HRG and Mohinder are reluctantly working together. Mohinder vows to never let Molly be used to hurt anyone, and Matt calls him in because something is wrong. Claire calls her father to notify him of Ted’s death, and HRG speaks with Peter, telling him he is the only one to stop Sylar. HRG says they will use the tracking system to find Sylar and he’ll be in contact once there is a location. But most important is keeping Claire safe.

Which to Peter means taking her to his brother for help. Claire feels betraryed, not willing to trust Nathan. Peter needs his big brother to help, hoping it’ll help his fears. As Peter and Nathan talk, Peter realizes Claire was right not to trust him. Claire runs away, right to her grandmother. Peter goes after her, but has no idea where she went. He begins to lose control but falls unconscious first.

Molly wakes up and agrees to find Sylar. Molly reveals that she can find almost anyone, with only one person – supposedly worse than Sylar – she cannot find. When she thinks about him, he see her, and that frightens her. They refocus her, and she finds Sylar in the city, more specifically in Isaac’s apartment. HRG calls Claire’s phone, looking for Peter and instead getting Mrs. Petrelli, who refuses to let them speak except to say goodbye. HRG tells her to get out of the city with them, but once she is safe to get away. HRG tells Matt they need to find Peter Petrelli before they can go after Sylar, but Matt won’t listen.

Peter wakes up in having time traveled. He is in a greenhouse, returning to a day when he and Mr. Deauveux and Mrs. Petrelli were all together, and the first day he meets Simone. As Simone takes Memory!Peter away, Peter stays and listens to his mother and Simone’s father. He believes that Peter is what the world needs to heal, but his mother has no faith in him, rather believing in Nathan. So, to recap, Charles Deauveux, Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli, Mr. Nakamura, and Linderman were all friends before. And Mr. Deauveux in the memory can sense Peter. They have a conversation where Charles tells him that Peter is the one the world will turn to because he has the capacity to love everyone.

Ando is at Isaac’s loft to kill Sylar, but he doesn’t succeed. Hiro arrives and Sylar gives him a challenge, get to him before he kills Ando. Hiro teleports and saves Ando. Matt then arrives at the loft looking for Sylar. He sees the Kirby Plaza painting and runs back to save everyone. He called Mohinder to warn them, and Molly says that Sylar is already in the plaza.

Niki finds Micah’s room with no Micah, just Candice as Jessica. Candice shows her Micah dead, not realizing that Niki and Jessica have become one, which gives Niki Jessica’s superstrength. Niki sees the real Jessica in her reflection and fights Candice, knocking her out. She finds Micah and they escape together. Niki’s reflection won’t show Jessica anymore.

Nathan, Clare, and Mrs. Petrelli go to his office and Claire realizes that they have no plans to stop the bomb. Claire tries to turn Nathan against his mother, and eventually jumps out of the office window and escapes. Nathan wants to go after her, and his mother advises against it.

Mohinder and Molly find an unconscious DL and go to help him as Niki and Micah arrive. The elevator isn’t working, but that isn’t a problem for Micah. They all get out and back into the plaza.

Hiro has brought Ando back home to keep him safe and alive. Ando has faith in his friend, and this time agrees to stay. Hiro gives him the Kensai sword as a promise that he will return, taking the sword Ando had.

Peter is brought back by HRG, who still thinks Claire is leaving the city. HRG will stay with Peter as payback for saving Claire. He knows what he needs to do. And we finally discover that his name is Noah.

It’s time for the final showdown. Pretty much everyone is in Kirby Plaza. Sylar sends Noah away and is ready to face Peter in the final fight of powers. Honestly, describing it is gonna be hard; you gotta watch. Matt tries to shoot Sylar but he sends the bullets back, and Mohinder finds him. Niki goes to help Peter, who is being hit with a parking meter. She grabs it and knocks out Sylar, and Peter tells her to go back to her family. As Peter hits Sylar, his hands glow, and Sylar declares himself the hero who will stop the exploding man. Hiro arrives and stabs Sylar. But Sylar isn’t over, making Hiro fly. He teleports so as not to hit the building. Sylar is unconscious and Peter is exploding. Claire arrives and grabs her father’s gun, but she can’t kill Peter. Nathan arrives with a new plan, to fly Peter away so the city can be saved. I’m crying. I remember this ending so well, but I can’t help it. They fly away, and our heroes and the city is saved.

Cops and ambulances arrive for DL and Matt. Molly runs to Matt and begs him not to die. Claire and her father are ready to go home. Claire may never truly trust Noah again, but they’ll be a family once more. We look over to find a blood trail leading to a sewer; Sylar is gone. Thus ends volume one.

And Hiro? Well he landed in Takezo Kensai’s time period. And this starts us off with volume two, “Generations”.

Season one is over. What did you all think? Did you watch along? I sincerely hope you did. Whether you’re a new fan, an old fan who stopped watching along the way, or one who saw every single episode, I hope you’re watching along, and I hope you’ll continue as we go into volume two. Until next time.











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