Moose Mug Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

Because you know I’m all about that…soap? I think it’s become pretty darn obvious how I feel about beauty products. I love soap, lotions, hair stuff, I’ll try just about anything! Since I’m still working my way through the Fortune Cookie Soap Sample Pack I bought ages ago, it’s time we got to another of those!


Moose Mug is a scent that I became familiar with when I used FCS’ cuticle butter of the same scent. It’s a very warm, almost caramel smell, and I absolutely adore it. I had a stuffy nose on the day I started using it, but I could smell it as soon as I opened the package. It’s a very comforting scent, reminding that we aren’t so far off from sweater weather (meaning the sticky heat is just about over.

It lathered incredibly well, I barely had to rub it around to get the lather going. And as soon as it was lathering, the entire shower filled with the smell, and I super fell in love.


This tiny bar lasted me just over a week, clocking in at 8 days of use. That, along with the absolutely amazing scent, makes me want to go grab a full size bar right now. Sadly, I have a TON of soap to work through, but my birthday and the holiday season is coming up, so if you feel like getting me a present…(wink).

So if you feel like grabbing some Moose Mug soap (for me or yourself), sadly, you’re out of luck. FCS no longer caries Moose Mug as a bar soap. It looks like they might have it as a foaming hand soap, though.











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