Black Canary #3

Every time I pick up this book, I end up wanting to run around screeching, because it’s so darn good. And though I thought I peaked at best books ever, I was wrong, and Canary keeps getting better. Seeing as we’re only 3 issues in, I can’t imagine how phenomenal it’s going to get.


In this issue, Dinah is still getting chased by her dead husband, but this time, as she’s fighting his goons, he stops her and tries to explain the situation a bit. Ditto, turns out, is not from our planet. The weird goo that’s been attacking them kind of had me guessing that already, but the confirmation is rad as heck.


Dinah and Black Canary hit the gig their headed to, absolutely kill the show, and then Kurt (her dead husband), has even more news for her. Ditto was experimented on, and she is how Canary gets her scream. The issue ends when Byron bursts in to tell Dinah and Kurt that Ditto is gone (unbeknownst to them, courtesy of Maeve).

Since we’re only a couple issues in, there is room for a whole bunch of speculation. First of all, this issue reveals that Canary’s past is different. From my past knowledge of BC, her powers were hereditary from her mother, who was also Black Canary. It’s looking like Dinah was tested on, and given the Canary Cry by force, instead of developing it on her own. Creating supers is something that has always freaked me out. I already get guilty when villains are created because of an accident, especially one that was (possibly) caused by a hero. But government testing gets me angry.

This issue also gets me wondering; where is Ditto from? She looks incredibly humanoid, and if she can’t speak because of the testing done on both her and Dinah, is her regular voice the screech? And where did she learn to play guitar? She’s a prodigy, if she’s actually her projected age, do instruments just come easily to the creatures where she’s from? Also; does she have an ability to shape shift like the Martian Manhunter? Therefore, is she martian?

I can’t wait to read the next installments to see what happens! Stay tuned, Fangirls!













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