Watch: Friends

Fangirls, I feel like I’ve been behind the curve. When I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch Friends because the sexual references didn’t go over my head; I was inquisitive and clever, and would pick up on too much. My parents also preferred that I live a rather sheltered life when it came to movies and television, so I just wasn’t allowed to watch it. But recently, Friends joined the slew of television shows on Netflix, and I finally got to experience the 90’s phenomenon of Friends.


Friends, as I’m sure many of you know, follows the interactions of six friends; Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Joey. They live in nearby apartments, get coffee together at Central Perk, and live pretty extraordinary lives. All of the jobs the friends go in and out of are pretty amazing, and they never seem to be spending too much time at them.

The friends have marriages, break-ups, fights, new friendships, divorces, and get into all sorts of crazy hijinks. It’s a really neat progression to watch in such a short amount of time, and nothing like I’ve really experienced before.

I really enjoyed the series, but really didn’t like Ross. To be totally honest, I thought he was a bit of a fuckboy, and therefore was really disappointed in the finale. But I don’t want to go into detail in case you haven’t watched it.

I highly recommend watching Friends, whether you haven’t seen it, or just haven’t watched it in awhile. I found it to be a comfortingly silly show, and really enjoyed being able to watch it whenever. I usually put on cartoons for that, but I got attached to the group of foolish friends, and enjoyed having them in the background while I worked, and as a comfort show at night. They helped me destress, and I really recommend that you check them out.











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