Bee and Puppycat Volume One

First of all, let me say that Boom is absolutely killing it with their titles. They’ve got Lumberjanes, which is beyond incredible, along with Power Up (issue 2 came out last week!), Giant Days (just expanded from 6 issues to 12). They’ve also got their Kaboom comics; all ages comics in a separate section that everyone can read! A couple of weeks ago I lost my mind over how great Steven Universe Volume One is, now it’s time to freak about Bee and Puppycat.


First of all, have you watched Bee and Puppycat? You really should because holy guacamole it is fantastic. You can watch it all on YouTube, and fall in love. It’s beyond amazing.

Frame from the show by Natasha Allegri
Frame from the show by Natasha Allegri

Much like the show, this comic is phenomenal. It’s about a girl who lost her job, but her new magical cat gets her a job as a temp agent. They travel throughout the galaxy to help people. Volume one is a collection of ten comics written and illustrated by various creators about the adventures that Bee and Puppycat go on.

I love Bee and Puppycat so much because Bee and I are very similar; we like to eat and watch tv, and hang out being sloppy. I think we’d be friends. Puppycat is also awesome because he is grumpy and sing-talks and I can’t get over how great it is.

One of my favorite stories from the collection is Hungry by Pranas Naujokaitis (colors by Whitney Cogar), and follows Puppycat as he takes a temp job to get Bee food when she is hungry and lazy. He screams “I DO THIS FOR HER” which is very Pearl (of Steven Universe) of him, and I just awd so hard.

FullSizeRender 2

I see a lot of parallels between SU and Bee and Puppycat because their both such great children’s shows that don’t talk down to their audience. I find B&P to be less emotionally upsetting than SU, but they’re still pretty similar in both their art and stories. It’s great, they’re both great, go read them now.











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2 thoughts on “Bee and Puppycat Volume One

  1. I love Bee and Puppycat! Great write-up ^_^

    One I love to turn kids of all ages onto in addition to Lumberjanes, Steven Universe and B&P, is Help Us! Great Warrior from the amazing Madeleine Flores. It’s adorable and the representation is fantastic.

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