Heroes Rewatch: Four Months Later, Lizards, and Kindred

Well hello Fangirls and welcome to season/volume two of Heroes. That means one down and three to go before September 24th. Now, volume two brings us good news and bad news on this front. The good news, it’s  only 11 episodes, which mean getting through it shouldn’t be too long or hard. The bad news? It’s only 11 episodes because it was done during the writers strike several years ago. A lot of shows were affected by this and ended up having shorter seasons because of it. And for Heroes, this also meant that a lot of fans felt that the quality of the show was reduced as well. But, back when it was airing, I was not one of these fans. I still really enjoyed the show and the story they were telling. So, without any further ado, let us jump into the continuation of our story.


Where were we? Oh yes, Peter was exploding, Nathan flew off with him and saved the city. Matt was dying. DL was probably dying. Niki and Jessica became one. Sylar was thought dead but just disappeared. Hiro was trapped in feudal Japan and about to meet Takezo Kensai. Molly was afraid of someone who could see her when she was looking for people. And Claire and Noah (formerly referred to as HRG) were going home. Got it? Ready? Ok.

Volume two chapter one is “Four Months Later”. The opening gives us glimpses of what was and what is to come, showing us new characters and old alike. There are a lot of things in this opening that are yet to happen actually.

Ok, so, Mohinder is lecturing about specials in Egypt and tells about the plague that targets the specials and in turn stops evolution from happening. A new character enters to listen to Mohinder trying to spread the word and save the specials. His audience is slim, but the new man talks to him, an America who knows about his sister. Mohinder recognizes him as a Company man, someone who wants to offer Mohinder a job. This new guy makes a compelling argument.

Next, a new pair of siblings running seemingly for their lives. They are Mexican, and they have been running for a while. She is tired and afraid. Her name is Maya, his Alejandro. They are heading for America to find answers for something. We learn what they need answers for when they meet with a shady group of people to try to get a ride. They have Papa Suresh’s book, so clearly one of them is a special. As the creepy group gets more creepy, they try to separate the siblings, which ends badly for them.

Claire is at a new school in California. Noah has brought her for her first day, and she is not excited. He’s apprehensive as well about everything. He still fears that the Company will find them. She turns into a classic teenager, asking for her own car, and he surprises her. He’s back to the loving father, no longer the scary Man in the Horn Rimmed Glasses. Claire is almost hit by another student’s car, who later sits next to her in science class. Keeping her cover is not going so well. His name is West, and he starts their new relationship by asking odd questions. It feels kinda like they’re trying to make a version of Zach Claire would date, and I still miss Zach; West is not as good.

Hiro is alone in feudal Japan, facing down an army and Takezo Kensai. It is 1671, and an eclipse has appeared, just like before. Hiro stops time as the army shoots arrows at him. He runs to Kensai and speaks to him, even though Kensai cannot hear him. He teleports himself and Kensai away from the army. Kensai is less than happy by what Hiro did…and the man is not Takezo Kensai. The real Kensai appears threatening Hiro, and as Hiro explains who he is, we discover that Kensai is a blonde British man.

Matt is now NYPD, or at least training for it. He passes the test by using his powers successfully, but hides that he used his power. He clearly is no longer dying, and looking for his job again. He gets his badge and he goes to pick up Molly from school. Her teacher stops him and says she’s worried about Molly, who has been falling asleep in class due to nightmares. We find out Matt and Janice did get divorced, and that Molly is drawing some creepy things.

Ando and Kaito, Hiro’s father, are in Kirby Plaza worried about Hiro. As Kaito opens his paper, a picture of him – the one where he is with Angela and Charles and that group – falls out with the symbol for the show on it. It means that he will be killed in twenty-four hours.

Nathan is living in Peter’s apartment, not able to accept that his brother is dead. His mother is there, and we learn that he has also gotten a divorce. He no longer trusts his mother, and waits for his brother’s return. Angela, their mother, also has an image like Kaito’s.

Noah is working at an actual paper company under someone who is younger and thinks he is better than Noah because he is the manager. And Noah does not like this one bit. Noah almost reveals himself as well, telling his manager that he won’t put up with anymore and channeling his former creepyness.

Back at school, Claire watches the cheerleaders, but doesn’t want to be cruel like they are. She runs into West again, and stands up to the head cheerleader (Dianna Argon from Glee). Claire takes a challenge from her, but knowing it could lead to her being discovered she backs out until everyone else has left. West walks in after she has healed herself.

The new man explains to Mohinder how the Company was formed by specials to find other specials and protect them. Mohinder and Matt, it turns out, are both protecting Molly and taking care of her. The new man wants Mohinder to work for them to find the cure to this new virus. And it turns out this new man has the Midas touch, quite literally but a little more in control than Midas. Back in Mohinder’s apartment, Molly ad Matt talk about Matt’s new job and Molly’s drawings. Neither want to talk, but Molly is more forceful about not talking. At night, Matt tries to use his powers to see Molly’s nightmares, and they sound terrifying. She wakes up screaming and hugs Matt. Matt promises to take care of this man who can see her.

Hiro questions this man being Kensai, and he tells him that he came from from England on a tea ship and stayed looking for his fortune. Kensai is not the hero that Hiro always knew. Hiro tells him he is from the future and that his tales will become legend. But all the stories Hiro knows haven’t happened yet. Hiro believes he has broken history, but Kensai is too laid back. Hiro tries to reason with Kensai, but it doesn’t work out how he plans. We meet the Swordsmith’s Daughter, the one Kensai will one day marry, though she seems to hate Kensai more than anything. As Hiro tries to reason with Kensai, he hits Hiro and leaves.

Kaito is convinced of the message though Ando is still unclear. Kaito believes it is from one of the old group, and wants Ando to leave him. But Ando, ever faithful to the Nakamura’s, wishes to stay. Kaito says he needs a sword if they’re going to fight, and sends Ando to get one as Angela arrives. They show each other the images, and Kaito lists of those who have already died, says that these threats are for the pain they caused and the lives they cost in the past.

The Bennet family, even Mr. Muggles, are all together at the dinner table, but things are tense. They don’t have anything to talk about, trying to be as normal as possible. But for this family, normal is boring. Noah’s phone rings, and it is Mohinder saying their trap is set. He took the job bait to get into the Company and bring about their end.

Alejandro catches up with the truck after being separated from his sister and finds everyone except her dead with black ooze coming out of their eyes. He finds Maya crying and she blames herself. He pulls her up and they take the truck to get away.

Claire calls Nathan, who is at a bar drinking. He doesn’t want to talk, but she spills her feelings to him anyways. Nathan has lost faith in himself, and as he hangs up we see why; when he looks in the mirror he only sees the burned man who killed his brother. Outside of Claire’s window is West, who is hovering in the air to watch her before flying away.

Kaito is alone when the shadowy figure appears, and of course we can’t find out who it is now. But Kaito is surprised. As Ando returns, the man runs and pushes Kaito off of the roof he was on, and then is gone when Ando looks.

We travel to Cork, Ireland (my love) and a group of men are looking for a crate. They find it and open it, hoping for money or goods. But it is empty except for a man handcuffed to the wall. It’s Peter, with a haircut, and as he is threatened he blasts lightning out of his hands…so that’s new. Also new is the Haitian’s necklace around Peter’s neck and the fact that he has no memory.

It’s such a promising premiere full of questions and wonder. It really is such a shame that the season is so short and that, from what I recall, season three also suffers a little from the “where do we go from here” syndrome. But my memory isn’t all correct when it comes to Heroes, so I’ll just have to keep up the rewatch.

Chapter two, “Lizards”, opens with memory-lost Peter having been apparently taken captive and now being slightly “interrogated” by the Irish guys who found him. They don’t believe that he was what they were meant to grab, thinking he helped steal what they were gonna steal and that he knows where it is. Claire uses her powers at home, but her parents still want her to be careful. She argues that she has to be who she is, no matter what or who that is. After she leaves for school, Mrs. Bennet shows Noah a news article about Kaito’s death, something he feared would happen. Noah has a painting by Isaac showing that Kaito’s death would happen. It is apparently 1 of 8, and Noah has to find the other seven. Matt is investigating Kaito’s death. Angela’s fingerprint is on the photo of Kaito, making her a suspect. Matt turns to Ando to ask about the symbol on the picture, the symbol being Kensai’s. Hiro, meanwhile, is still trying to make Kensai the hero he knows from his stories, starting with sobering him up. When he thinks that won’t work, he takes Kensai’s armor and rides off to fulfill the stories he knows.

In science class, Claire is learning about a newt, a creature who has the ability to heal itself and regrow limbs. Claire becomes very interested, almost giving herself away by asking too many questions. West becomes suspicious, and tries to talk to her about all of it. Turns out he has Chandra’s book and wants to share it with her. She tries to get away but her car is missing. She goes to her dad’s work to tell him about the car and they go a back room, where she starts talking about the possibilities of her powers helping people but he doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her she can’t talk about the possibilities and that if she does and the Company finds her they will do everything she thinks and worse.

Mohinder arrives to begin his new job, but the new character tells him he has an assignment somewhere else. The virus has infected someone new, and Mohinder has to go to test him. Mohinder arrives in Haiti, and the patient? The Haitian. The Haitian tells Mohinder that he doesn’t want the cure, that God is punishing him. Mohinder convinces him to at least be tested for the virus that his blood can cure. Turns out the Haitian has the virus, but the Haitian is still hesitant to accept the cure. Mohinder looks up to see who I’m gonna call Midas asking him what happened. Mohinder explains that he was just in his office getting the envelope and just arrived to test the patient. Turns out the Haitian took the cure and wiped Mohinder’s memory.

Maya and Alejandro arrive at a friend’s in Guatemala looking for shelter and help. This is someone who knew them as children, but Maya is still afraid. Turns out they are twins, not just siblings (I couldn’t remember before). They are talking to a healer, who offers her help. She might have a power of her own. She senses that the power Maya has is new, and that it is black and evil, strong enough to kill the devil. She says no one can help her. But the twins won’t give up. They leave in the dead of night to get to America. As they go, police arrive. Maya and Alejandro hide, Maya making it to the other side without him. She is urged to go on but can’t without Alejandro. Her fears manifest, causing her eyes to go black and the ooze to come out. Her fears begin to kill their friend and guide the same way the creeps were killed. Alejandro arrives and takes her hands in his. He sings to her, and her eyes go back to normal. He appears to be absorbing her powers and counteracting them. Their friend wakes up afraid and leaves them.  Time for an aside: I remember the story line of the twins in season two. I remember basically what happens with them. And I wish the writers had done more with them and this concept of the twins balancing each other rather than what does happen with them.

Peter is visited by the sister of one of the Irish guys, who fixes him up and tries to help him remember, and she discovers his abilities. Peter uses his abilities to escape being tied up. He’s about to escape when the people her brother works for comes to take her. Peter uses his powers to save her, showing powers he’s taken from DL and Niki (phasing and super strength). Her brother (apparently named Ricky) comes home angry at Peter for starting a blood feud. Ricky says to make it right Peter will join them on the next job, and when Peter refuses Ricky reveals that he knows Peter’s name and has a box with everything Peter had on him when he was found.

Hiro finds the swordsmith’s daughter trying to fight off the thugs who have her father on her own, and presents himself and Takezo Kensai come to save her. He uses his powers to steal their weapons from them and drives them away, telling them to tell tales of what happened. The swordsmith’s daughter comes to him and they ride away together, Hiro fixing what he thought he broke. He connects with her, still as Kensai. She starts to fall for Kensai, like in the stories, but Hiro can’t accept it or reveal that he is not really the Kensai she knows. He freezes time, and when he takes off his mask it’s clear he is falling in love with her when he’s not meant to. Hiro returns to Kensai, who is angry that he stole the armor, but when Hiro tells him he restored Kensai’s good name and when the swordsmith’s daughter comes to him, he suddenly becomes Hiro’s new best friend, ready to listen to him. The men Hiro defeated return and shoot Kensai with arrows. Hiro tries to save him but Kensai dies.  And then, he doesn’t, his body healing itself.

Matt and his boss are questioning Angela Petrelli about Kaito’s death. She’s defensive, but Matt hears her thoughts about how someone wants revenge on them for the things they did. When he mentions it, she yells for him to get out of her head. Matt goes out and finds Nathan waiting. He offers to take him to his mother, and as the power goes out Angela screams and is attacked seemingly by nothing. Matt and Nathan break in and save her, and she reveals her photo.

Mohinder returns home to a sleeping Molly and a sleeping Matt in a chair right next to her. His phone rings; Noah asks Mohinder about his trip, and Mohinder tells us Midas’s name is Bob, and that he didn’t cause any suspicions. Noah is proud of this, and turns to find a fully restored Haitian.

Back home, Claire decides to test something. She cuts off her pinky toe to see if it would grow back, and her theory proves correct. She can regrow her limbs. West has witnessed this, yet again creeping in the window (I really never liked West). She runs outside to find Chandra’s book waiting for her. And that is the end of chapter two.

Chapter three, “Kindred”, begins with Peter ready to do anything to get the box with his information in it. Ricky tells him the job he wants Peter in on, stealing money from a soccer match. Peter hears one of Ricky’s crews thoughts of betrayal. He brings it up, but Ricky doesn’t believe him. Maya and Alejandro are a few days from the border, and though Alejandro urges her to take a break she refuses. They try to steal a car but an officer was right there watching. The officer chases them and arrests Alejandro. We finally see Micah and Niki, planning to leave Las Vegas, but without DL. She promises that he’ll always be able to visit but for now they need to say goodbye. And Micah runs to DL’s grave. And I am crying. I remembered his death but oh man. On a beach, we see a redhead answering a phone. There is another person with her and she hangs up as he wakes up. It’s Sylar. He’s alive and very confused. She says they’re in Maui, and she introduces herself as formerly Candice now Michele. She saved him from Kirby Plaza and got him surgery. She’s using her illusion powers to try and help him, but he doesn’t want it. She kills the illusion and he is severely injured in a dingy little room with only Michele.

Back at the Bennet’s, Claire is reading Chandra’s book when Noah comes in and apologizes for how he acted when she had all of her questions. She asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and he says they’d have to go deeper into hiding. She confronts West about what he saw, but he isn’t convinced. She tells him to stay away, and he continues being a dick. He is not a good Zach replacement. In science class, West continues to be an ass and talks about Claire’s powers, driving Claire away. West goes after her and doesn’t apologize, instead pushes her into revealing who she is and her fears. He then shows her his power of flying, and Claire finally has someone to talk to about everything, and a new love interest. Claire finds a mark on his neck. Turns out West was taken by HRG and the Company a couple years before.

Matt wakes up to someone in his apartment. He grabs the gun and goes to find Mohinder home. He tells Matt that he’ll be working from the city more, and Matt worries about taking care of him and Molly at the same time. Molly wakes up and hugs him. They’re a cute family. Mohinder’s new office is Isaac’s old loft, now a laboratory. He’ll be watched by someone from the Company at all times, making the take down job harder.

Ando is back in Tokyo at his old job but under a new boss, someone not as nice as the Nakamura’s. He pulls out the Kensai sword Hiro left him and discovers a message that says “Ando open”. There are scrolls from Hiro to Ando all about his new adventures. And through this we return to Hiro and Kensai discovering that Kensai has the healing powers like Claire. Kensai is afraid, and Hiro tries to help him but Kensai rides away. Hiro tells Ando about the swordsmith’s daughter and how he loves her, though history says she marries Kensai. Hiro, as himself, is talking to her in his awkward Hiro way and they find Kensai testing his ability. Hiro proves his power to Kensai, rekindling their friendship. Kensai wants to use his powers for money, but Hiro forces him into becoming the hero history says he is. And it works. He becomes the hero and gets the girl. Hiro thinks this means he’ll be able to go home soon, but as he says his goodbyes he finds that he can’t leave just yet.

Peter tries to figure out how his powers work, and it isn’t go well. Ricky’s sister (I cannot remember names for this season) is very trusting of Peter even though she doesn’t know him. It’s time for the job, and Peter does his part so the job goes smoothly.  Until a guard hits an alarm. He uses his powers to stop anyone from being shot and they all get away. Back at the bar, the traitor shows his true colors, proving Ricky should have listened to Peter. Peter is shot, but that doesn’t stick and he uses his powers to save them all, almost killing the man in the process. Peter is given his box, but is afraid to open it and find out he’s someone he doesn’t want to be. Ricky’s sister convinces him not to open it and they kiss.

Niki has brought Micah to New Orleans, and makes him promise not to use his powers. She’s leaving him for a short while with family, DL’s family to be specific. Micah’s grandmother is played by the great Nichele Nichols. Niki leaves him and goes to NYC. She wants the Company to cure her and Bob says they’ll want something in exchange.

Maya goes to get her brother out of jail, but it doesn’t work how she hopes. She uses her wanted for homicide poster to try and get them both away, and I don’t know why she thought that would work but she starts to get arrested and her powers burst through. She goes to get Alejandro out. He uses his apparent powers to calm her down and absorb her killing abilities. The other person in the jail wakes up and asks to be taken along, especially since his has a car.

Sylar is better but not great, and his powers don’t seem to be working. Michele wants him to be grateful and assures him he’ll be better with her (and her powers) help. This sets him off however, and he keeps his calm as he kills her and steals her abilities. But even his newly acquired power doesn’t work, further angering him. He stumbles outside and is in some sort of forest.

Mohinder finds the eighth painting in the series, which shows Noah’s death with Claire kissing someone in the background. Claire comes to her father and they says a tense good night. And that is the end of chapter three.

It’s great to see Micah back and Niki back and especially Sylar back. I love these characters and the development they get to go through, at least what I can remember of that development. So, coming up next are chapters 4 through 7.














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