Nerds (Don’t) Gotta Drink: Soda

Absolutely awful grammar in the title aside, soda is not a great addition to anyone’s diet. As I’ve been noticing my weight increasing and my overall health declining, I’ve been slowly trying to introduce more exercise and less garbage food into my life. One of the ways I’ve decided to work on myself, is by getting rid of soda.


I know soda isn’t the only thing that has caused my weight gain, but the inclusion of it as a part of my diet definitely isn’t helping anything. It’s difficult, when work is stressful and I want to reenergize, but soda isn’t the way to do it. So as I get rid of soda, I have to find other ways to energize during long, exhausting shifts.

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep myself going, they tend to include natural sugars that break down over time, so they last longer. But that quick energy fix? It’s rough to find. I’m not cutting out candy just yet (Halloween is next month, I can’t not get Halloween candy!). But I do think that cutting out soda (except with alcoholic drinks) will really help me start to control my weight.

I’m putting this here in a way to hold myself accountable; I worry that I’ll be tempted to drink soda or get the frozen soda drinks from Taco Bell, but hopefully this will serve as a reminder to myself that I need to work on myself a bit.










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